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My Heart Goes Out to the People of Egypt Tonight

My god. I was so excited for the Egyptian people last year during the “Arab spring.” It looked like real change would come to that country after the people ousted President Mubarak and insisted on general elections.

Now, tonight, there’s this incredibly depressing news:

Shortly after polls in Egypt’s landmark presidential vote closed Sunday night, Egypt’s military leaders issued a constitutional decree that gave the armed forces vast powers and appeared to give the presidency a subservient role.

The declaration, published in the official state gazette, establishes that the president will have no control over the military’s budget or leadership and will not be authorized to declare war without the consent of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces.

The document said the military would soon appoint a body to draft a new constitution, which would be put to a public referendum within three months. Once a new charter is in place, an election will be held to chose a parliament that will replace the Islamist-dominated one dissolved Thursday by the country’s top court.

With this document, Egypt has completely left the realm of the Arab Spring and entered the realm of military dictatorship,” said Hossam Bahgat, a prominent human rights activist. “This is worse than our worst fears.”


Thinking of you tonight Egypt.



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Gutless Romney Ventures Outside the Fox Bubble and Bombs

Mitt Romney appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” with Bob Schieffer today.  Though Schieffer treated him with kid gloves, Romney essentially refused to answer some big questions.

Here are two articles about that:

PoliticusUSA:  Shades of Sarah Palin as Mitt Romney Bombs On Face The Nation

At times Romney’s babbles and dodges reminded one of another Republican candidate who avoided the mainstream media at all costs, but unlike Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin actually had more broadcast interviews early in her campaign than Mitt Romney has. By design, Romney has been more sheltered from the mainstream press than Sarah Palin was in the early fall of 2008.

One look at Romney on Face The Nation was all it took to explain why. Romney doesn’t possess Palin’s happy ignorance, but he shares with her an inability to give a straight answer and a genuine lack of substance.

Obama put a bullet in Bin Laden’s brain. Romney can’t tell us if he will repeal the new immigration policy, or what tax deductions he will eliminate without talking to Congress first.

Politico:   Mitt Romney Dodges Immigration Questions, Calls W.H. Move ‘Political’

Mitt Romney criticized how President Barack Obama changed immigration policy — but not the policy itself — in a rare non-Fox News national TV interview broadcast Sunday.

Romney declined five times to tell Schieffer whether he would conduct the same policy Obama announced Friday that the Department of Homeland Security will pursue.
Several states key to the president’s reelection effort — Colorado, Nevada, North Carolina, Virginia and Iowa — have large and growing Hispanic populations. And that’s not even counting Florida.
Romney can’t dodge this question forever but on the other hand, he’s already answered it.  The media should hold him to it:
On the snarky side, I love how he’s boxed himself in.  He pandered to the Tea Party during the primary and now that he needs Latino voters he hemming and hawing. The man has no guts and no core.  Is this a case of him being against it before he’s for it?

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