Has Mitt Romney Ever Been to a 7-11?

June 18, 2012 at 1:42 PM Leave a comment

While on his bus tour through Pennsylvania on Saturday, Mitt Romney went to a WaWas.  A WaWa is like a 7-11:

This format is best typified by Pennsylvania-based Wawa, Inc., which operates about 400 upscale hybrid convenience-grocery stores in the eastern Unites States. Wawa stores offer fueling stations and tobacco products like traditional convenience stores do, along with offering a limited assortment of basic grocery items.


This is a photo of the inside of a WaWa store:

(Image via GrubGrade.com)

You get the idea.

Now here is Romney explaining what it was like to go to that WaWas:


Have you ever seen him so excited?  You’d think he just got back from visiting another planet.  I have the feeling he’s never been to a 7-11-type store in his entire life yet he’s telling this story to try to “connect” to we the Little People.

Big fail.


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