Romney’s Game Plan: No Details

June 18, 2012 at 9:02 AM Leave a comment

From Greg Sargent over at The PlumLine:

Romney’s campaign regularly says he is offering an approach to the economy that hasn’t been tried before. But he has not been pressed hard to explain how, exactly, his policies would differ from those of George W. Bush — or indeed why we should expect those policies to produce runaway growth and shared prosperity when that didn’t happen last time around. Romney regularly criticizes Obama’s stimulus as a failure, but he has not been pressed to say what he would have done differently if he’d been president in January of 2009.

More broadly, it’s almost never remarked upon at all, but Romney doesn’t have a plan to fix the economic crisis — at least in the sense that he’d be proposing the same things he is now if the economy were doing great — despite the fact that this presidential race is all about what to do about the economic crisis.


So are we going to elect a guy who says he knows how to get the economy moving again but he won’t say how?  Really?  If he doesn’t want to talk about the details, doesn’t it stand to reason that we probably wouldn’t like what he has in mind?


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