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Used to Getting Ripped Off Yet?

$87 Boxer Shorts?  Really?

I don’t care where they’re made. I could buy the manufactured fabric (i.e. not cotton or wool) that goes into these shorts for $3.00 at my local fabric store for $4 a yard.

$87 for these at Saks:



Brushstroke Boxer Shorts

Vivid brushstroke stripes cover this comfortable design of super-chic Italian stretch fabric.

  • Narrow elastic waistband
  • Inseam, about 12¼”
  • 90% viscose/10% elastane
  • Hand wash
  • Made in Italy

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Delightful Story About a Scrappy Little Food Truck in LA

I love food trucks:

It’s little wonder that the battered and faded late-night truck on Sunset and Everett in Echo Park is named “the peasant” in Spanish.

Theal pastor is avoidable. With no vertical spit in sight, the previously prepared pork is reheated and rolled around on the griddle for a while. This makes for a few crispy bits here and there, but the overall impression is forgettable. You’ll need a couple of well-timed spicy carrots to give you any sort of bite-for-bite heat, but thankfully they’re in large supply, along with wide strips of white onion and a few wedges of lime.

Once you cross over to the workaday meats, the often passionate discussions surrounding El Paisano start to make a bit more sense. The buche really is the highlight here, with an unmistakable tenderness and simple, earthy flavors.


There’s a lot to respect for the day to day loncheros like El Paisano that keep this city rich with tacos, even if their forgettable flavors don’t make you jump for joy. So, El Paisano will continue to plug away as a neighborhood favorite, and little more. There’s a certain kind of pride in that.


There sure is.

Does that

(Image via

look delicious or what?



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NBC’s Chuck Todd is Still Awful — This is News?

Chuck Todd, NBC’s “Chief White House Correspondent,” thinks we care about this sh-t:

(Image via Wikipedia)

Protests continue in Los Cabos, Mexico, during the G20 summit of world leaders, though learning of these demonstrations—especially if one lives within the United States—is quite a difficult task for consumers of the establishment media.

On Monday, activists unfurled a giant “one trillion dollar” bill to represent the money given in fossil fuel subsidies every year, and the group says it collected more than 750,000 signatures for a petition calling for a shift to renewable energy.

But rather than discussing environmental policies or austerity measures, NBC’s Chuck Todd obsessed endlessly over the body language between Russian President Vladimir Putin and President Obama.

“Body language experts are going to have a field day interpreting this Obama-Putin joint statement,” Todd tweeted Monday.

However, unwilling to leave that analysis to the experts, Todd took his own thoughts to the airwaves the following day to participate in a segment on MSNBC devoted entirely to the body language between the two leaders.


Todd isn’t just NBC’s “Chief White House Correspondent, he’s NBC News’ “political director” for God’s sake. I guess that means political news kinda gets filtered through him yet this is what he thinks is most relevant at the G20 Summit? Body language?  Really?

Holy cow.  As my late colleague at the Newshounds, Nancy Anton used to love to say, we are so screwed.

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John Kerry (D-MA) Gives Powerful, Necessary Speech on Climate Change

John Kerry gave a kick ass speech on climate change today on the floor of the Senate.  Here it is.  I’m about half way through and It.  Is.  Fantastic.  Should be required viewing for everyone in the country, but I don’t know many people, unfortunately, who are willing to listen to something “so long,” i.e., 55 minutes.

Anyway, again, here it is, FYI.

Kind of makes me proud of the ol’ boy (after his pitiful 2004 campaign which still disgusts me).

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Huge Solar Farm Being Built in Mojave Desert

(Image: Jamey Stillings / New York Times)

Out in the Mojave Desert in California, a power plant that could eventually generate enough electricity for 140,000 homes hopes to get its moment in the sun soon. When the $2.2 billion solar thermal plant known as Ivanpah is completed — sometime next year, if all goes according to plan — nearly 350,000 mirrors on 3,600 acres will reflect light onto boilers. Steam will power turbines, which will generate electricity that flows to California homes. It will be the largest such plant in the world. These “solar workhorses of the desert,” says V. John White, an analyst in Sacramento and an advocate for renewable energy, “can produce a lot of high-quality energy in the way that other renewable energies can’t do. And there are only a handful of places on the planet that have solar radiation that good.”


Read this to learn how the world is leaving us in the dust when it comes to transitioning to solar power.


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Romney Essentially Pulled a Palin and Quit as Governor of Massachusetts

I didn’t know this:

(Image via ThirdWayMattB on Twitter)

For instance, Leno also pointed out that Palin had taken some heat for leaving her job as Alaska’s governor midway through her term. You were a governor too, he pointed out to his guest. Could you ever see yourself skipping out like that?

“No, it’s hard to imagine the circumstances where I’d quit. I loved being governor,” he said, noting that the post allowed him to “improve schools” and “get healthcare for folks.”

“It’s a great job,” he said. “I loved it.”

Funny, that’s not how it seemed for the second half of Romney’s single term in the Massachusetts State House. Like in all non-leap years, there were 365 days in 2006, Romney’s final year in office. He spent 212 of them out of the state, racking up more than 200,000 miles in the air and traveling to nearly 40 other states to lay the groundwork for his 2008 White House campaign. He kept the title of governor, sure, but ask just about anyone in the Bay State and they’ll tell you: He walked out on the job. He quit — just like Palin.

I beginning to think Romeny lies every time he opens his mouth.

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Canadian Billboard Company Rejects Cool Greenpeace Ad

Per Greenpeace/Canada:

Last week after Alberta suffered yet another pipeline spill, this one threatening the drinking water supply of tens of thousands of Albertans, we wanted to send Premier Alison Redford a very clear message about the need to invest in green jobs and stop the growing number of toxic oil spills (in 2010, there were 687 failures, the majority of them leaks in Alberta, which resulted in 3,416 cubic metres of spilled hydrocarbons).

The way we decided to do it was to rent a billboard right in the heart of Edmonton (at Jasper Avenue and 106 Street NW). We booked the space, sent the artwork over and were preparing the release calling on the Premier to go green and conduct an independent review of pipeline safety in Alberta when we got this message from Pattison:

“The artwork has been rejected.”


And the “artwork” in question?  This scary, radical, offensive thing:

(Image via

Pretty infuriating because what’s wrong with that?  I actually love the line:  “When there’s a huge solar energy spill, it’s just called a nice day.”

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