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Draft Dodger Romney: Military Service Will Earn You Citizenship


Mitt was a “missionary” in Paris while boys his age were drafted and killed in Vietnam because they didn’t have money or friends in high places. That would be two of my friends who are dead, circa 1972, because that was their situation.

But now we’re supposed to believe Romney values military service?


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Want to Know if You’re Eating GMO Food? The Senate Says No

I hope I live to see a time when congress represents We the People instead of their corporate sponsors:

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The Senate on Thursday rejected an amendment to the farm bill that would have given states the power to require labels on genetically modified food.

“This is the very first time a bill on labeling genetically engineered food has been brought before the Senate,” said Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders (I), who introduced the proposal. “It was opposed by virtually every major food corporation in the country. While we wish we could have gotten more votes, this is a good step forward and something we are going to continue to work on. The people of Vermont and the people of America have a right to know what’s in the food that they eat.”

Senate Agriculture Committee chair Debbie Stabenow opposed the amendment, claiming it could interfere with the development of drought resistant crops.

The amendment was defeated by a 26-73 vote.


More on the details as to who voted in favor of this as soon as I can dig through the info.

Back to what I said up top:  I hope I live to see a time when congress votes on behalf of We the People:  Record-breaking One Million Americans Tell FDA: We Have a Right to Know What’s in Our Food

This isn’t about a “nanny state” as Fox would say.  It’s about the government giving people information about what they’re eating — giving them information so they can make an informed decision.  If folks want to buy GMO food, fine.

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Got Sick on Vacation? You Get Another Vacation

Can you imagine this happening in the corporatocracy also known as the United States?  Me neither.

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For most Europeans, almost nothing is more prized than their four to six weeks of guaranteed annual vacation leave. But it was not clear just how valuable that time off was until Thursday, when Europe’s highest court ruled that workers who happened to get sick on vacation were legally entitled to take another vacation.

“The purpose of entitlement to paid annual leave is to enable the worker to rest and enjoy a period of relaxation and leisure,” the Court of Justice of the European Union, based in Luxembourg, ruled in a case involving department store workers in Spain. “The purpose of entitlement to sick leave is different, since it enables a worker to recover from an illness that has caused him to be unfit for work.”


The Court of Justice had previously ruled that a person who gets sick before going on vacation is entitled to reschedule the vacation, and on Thursday it said that right extended into the vacation itself.


So humane.  So sane.



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Update on the Poor Little Moose I Posted About Yesterday

It turns out that the poor little moose who got caught in a skate park in the mountains west of Boulder that I posted about yesterday died:

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The young moose that wandered into a Nederland skate park on Wednesday died from hyperthermia, or overheating, officials said today.

Colorado Parks and Wildlife spokesman Randy Hampton said a necropsy was performed on the young bull moose. The results showed the moose was otherwise in good condition and appeared to have died from overheating due to the stress of getting stuck in the skate park and then being tranquilized and moved.

Staff at the Nederland Teen Center reported that the moose was in the bowl of the skate park around 11 a.m. Wednesday. Officials believe the moose, who was about a year old and weaned, was headed for Barker Reservoir when it got startled by some people fishing and ran back toward the skate park, where it then became stuck.


Awe.  Too bad.  Sad.



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63 Percent of Republicans Still Think Saddam Hussein Had WMD

We can thank Fox “News” for this:

How misinformed are Republicans about world affairs? If presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney’s assertion that Russia is “without question our number one geopolitical foe” is any indication, then the answer would appear to be very.

A new poll supports that theory.

The poll, constructed by Dartmouth government professor Benjamin Valentino and conducted by YouGov from April 26 to May 2, found that fully 63 percent of Republican respondents still believed that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction when the U.S. invaded in 2003. By contrast, 27 percent of independents and 15 percent of Democrats shared that view.


“By contrast, 27 percent of independents and 15 percent of Democrats shared that view?”  Those are pretty darn high numbers too given that that lie has been thoroughly debunked.


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There’s a Reason They’re Called Wingnuts

Twitter was down for about 45 minutes just now and the wingnuts are thinking there’s some sort of grand liberal conspiracy behind it, probably orchestrated by Obama himself.

My Tweets of the Day:

Holy cow.

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Going Out to Dinner Tonight?

Recommended viewing for anyone who eats at restaurants:


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