Compassionate Conservatism, Texas Style

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Texas Governor [Republican] Rick Perry is getting set to return to his official residence in downtown Austin after a $25 million rebuilding, even as he asks state agencies to say how they can cut spending 10 percent in the next budget.

Perry, the former Republican presidential candidate who in 2011 signed a two-year plan that reduced school funding by $5 billion, will decamp this month from a rental home to resume life in the high-security governor’s mansion. A June 2008 arson fire destroyed much of the two-story brick home built in 1856.

Perry, 62, has made spending limits a central theme of his years at the helm of the second-most-populous U.S. state, and as a national candidate stressed fiscal restraint.

Texas revenue is 14 percent above last year, including a 12 percent jump in sales taxes and 50 percent increases in oil and gas production levies. Yet the governor has asked agencies not to seek bigger budgets and to show how 10 percent cuts would affect operations. This week, Perry said he opposed expanding Medicaid to serve more poor residents.


As if that isn’t bad enough, per Wikipedia, you and I helped pay for the restoration:

During May 2009, $22 million was allocated to the restoration of the Governor’s Mansion, $11 million of which came from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. An additional $3.4 million has been raised through private fund raising.

So Republicans in Texas accepted a “government handout” to rebuild the mansion but when it comes to helping the poor in their state they’re turning their backs.



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