Mind Control at the Olympics

July 12, 2012 at 8:59 AM Leave a comment

The folks in charge of the London Olympics have released a list of things you can’t bring to or wear at the Olympic venues.  The “prohibited” items include the obvious: guns, baseball bats and fireworks, etc.  The “restricted” items include “excessive amounts of food” (how that will be determined is going to be interesting), and

–  Any objects or clothing bearing political statements or overt commercial identification intended for ‘ambush marketing.’

See the full list here.

Meanwhile, check out this list of corporate sponsors of the Olympics:  the “Worldwide Olympic Partners,” the “London 2012 Olympic Partners,”

the “London 2012 Supporters,” and the “London 2012 Olympic Providers and Suppliers.”

Now, anyone who wasn’t born yesterday knows the logos of the corporate sponsors, in particular the logos above — the “London 2012 Olympic Partners” — are going to be plastered all over the place.  So “overt commercial identification intended for ‘ambush marketing'” by those corporations is permitted but if say you wanted to wear an Occupy Wall Street or an anti-BP T-shirt like this one

(Image via Zazzle.com)

(BP — We’re bringing oil to American shores) you should probably think twice.


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