“Solar Geoengineering” — Get Used to That Term

July 18, 2012 at 6:57 PM Leave a comment

The usually-sarcastic phrase, “what could possibly go wrong?” is, imho, overused in the blogosphere but in this case, I think it applies.  Yikes:

(Image via Guardian.co.uk)

Two Harvard engineers are to spray sun-reflecting chemical particles into the atmosphere to artificially cool the planet, using a balloon flying 80,000 feet over Fort Sumner, New Mexico.

The field experiment in solar geoengineering aims to ultimately create a technology to replicate the observed effects of volcanoes that spew sulphates into the stratosphere, using sulphate aerosols to bounce sunlight back to space and decrease the temperature of the Earth.

David Keith, one of the investigators, has argued that solar geoengineering could be an inexpensive method to slow down global warming, but other scientists warn that it could have unpredictable, disastrous consequences for the Earth’s weather systems and food supplies. Environmental groups fear that the push to make geoengineering a “plan B” for climate change will undermine efforts to reduce carbon emissions.


His US experiment, conducted with American James Anderson, will take place within a year and involve the release of tens or hundreds of kilograms of particles to measure the impacts on ozone chemistry, and to test ways to make sulphate aerosols the appropriate size.


“Impacts include the potential for further damage to the ozone layer, and disruption of rainfall, particularly in tropical and subtropical regions – potentially threatening the food supplies of billions of people,” said Pat Mooney, executive director of the Canadian-based technology watchdog ETC Group.


So, the plan is to junk-up the atmosphere even more to avoid cutting back on greenhouse gasses?  The article doesn’t say but I wonder if this “field experiment” (as in the entire planet’s “field”) is funded by oil companies.



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