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What a Lovely Family (Not)

Bristol and Willow Palin With Tripp:


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Fear Surrounds Obama’s Visit With Denver Theater Shooting Victims

I live in Boulder, Colorado which is roughly 25 miles northwest of Denver.  Off and on since Friday morning I’ve been watching local coverage of the massacre at the Aurora movie theater.

Yesterday we were told that President Obama would come here this evening to meet with “friends and family of the victims.” I thought we would see live video of him getting out of his car, walking into one of the hospitals, coming out of a hospital or whatever.

No.  There’s been none of that.

The only “live shot” has been of Air Force One sitting on the tarmac at Buckley AFB.

I also thought he might make a statement near the theater or in the park across the street where people have been gathering.  But no.

He hasn’t made any public appearances whatsoever.

Now I hear, again, via local media, that he did visit “friends and family of the victims” but he’s traveling back to the fortified Buckley Air Force Base and he’ll make a statement to the people of Aurora, Denver and the nation from there.

They. Are.  Scared.

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The NRA owns the place.  Apparently we can’t even have a discussion about banning assault rifles because the Founding Fathers supposedly included those when they wrote the Second Amendment, even though they weren’t invented until the 1940s. Fact is, the highest tech weapon at the time the Second Amendment was adopted was a muzzle-loaded musket.

(Here’s a link to the article headlined above.)

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Michele Bachmann Turns Huma Abedin’s Life into a Horror Show

Michele Bachmann, trying to score points with her whacked-out base, has turned Huma Abedin’s

(Image via and WireImage)

life into a horror movie.  Abedin is a top adviser to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the wife of former New York Senator Anthony Weiner:

Anthony Weiner’s wife Huma Abedin has been placed on close watch after being threatened by a New Jersey man.

The typically press shy Abedin made headlines last week after [Republican] Rep. Michele Bachmann claimed that her family had connections to Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood.

Now police have been forced to place extra security around the wife of the disgraced former Congressman after a man, who is thought to be Muslim, threatened her.

The unidentified man has been questioned by police but has not charged, according to the New York Post.

Bachmann, who rose to national prominence during her failed bid for position of this year’s Republican presidential candidate, alleged that Ms Abedin’s deceased father, mother, and brother are connected to the Muslim Brotherhood, the controversial political opposition group who often works against American interest in Arab states.

Touting her role on the House Intelligence Committee, Representative Bachmann wrote a letter, which was co-signed by four other congressmen,alleging that given Ms Abedin’s highly-sensitive position as as Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s top advisor, she is effectively a national security threat.

In the letter, which was sent to the deputy inspector general of the State Department and the Director of National Intelligence among others, Mrs Bachmann and her co-signers gave no traces of evidence of their findings.

But former presidential candidate Senator John McCain spoke passionately about Ms Abedin’s years of dedicated public service and denounced the senseless character attacks that were made by some of his more conservative party members.


Now, thanks to Bachmann’s baseless, McCarthy-like attack on Ms. Abedin, Ms. Abedin is living in fear.

Michele Bachmann is the terrorist in this case.

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James Holmes Speaking

The Guardian has published a short video showing Colorado shooter James Holmes speaking:

(Image via the

A six-year-old video shows Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes speaking at a science camp at Miramar College in San Diego when he was 18. Holmes, accused of killing 12 people at a cinema in Aurora on Friday, is presenting a project on what he describes as ‘an illusion that allows you to change the past.’

I can’t get it to embed so go here to see it.

He looks and sounds like a perfectly normal brainiac kid to me.



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More Crazy Weather

This time in Phoenix:

(Image via and Lucas Schvindt)

While dust storms are fairly typical this time of year in the Desert Southwest, Saturday’s event was the most significant of the season so far.

A large dust storm and or Haboob enveloped the greater Phoenix, Ariz. area in a cloud of yellow-gray blowing dust late Saturday afternoon as monsoon-driven storms developed across the region.

Wow.  Look at that thing.  I bet it deposits dust particles in every nook and cranny it passes over.  Ugh.

More photos and info here.

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Rep. Darrell Issa (R-CA): Rename Waters Off the Entire U.S. Coast After Ronald Reagan

This is not a joke:

(Image via AP.)

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) is floating legislation that would name most U.S. coastal waters after former President Ronald Reagan.

Issa reintroduced his bill Wednesday to rename the country’s Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), which generally extends from three miles to 200 miles offshore, as the Ronald Wilson Reagan Exclusive Economic Zone.

The late Reagan, a Californian like Issa, established the EEZ with a 1983 presidential proclamation that declared the nation’s sovereign rights for exploring, exploiting and conserving offshore resources, including energy.

Issa, who chairs the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, has introduced the bill multiple times in past sessions of Congress.

Under the proposal, references to the EEZ in U.S. laws, regulations, maps and other documents would carry Reagan’s name.


If crazy Issa has introduced this bill “multiple times” in past sessions of Congress, it must not be all that popular so I’m not holding my breathe on this one but it does go to show the kinds of things Republicans are thinking about, you know, as opposed to creating jobs.


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