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Congressional Democrats Are Terrified of the NRA

This has got to be my quote of the day, if not of the era.  Congress is supposed to represent We the People but that got lo$t $omewhere along the line.  From GQ:

I asked a Democratic legislative staffer for a first-person description of the NRA’s power on the Hill. Here’s the response I got, on the condition that I not provide any further identifying information. It’s pretty breathtaking.

We do absolutely anything they ask and we NEVER cross them—which includes asking permission to cosponsor any bills endorsed by the Humane Society (the answer is usually no) and complying with their demand to oppose the DISCLOSE Act, neither of which have anything to do with guns. They’ve completely shut down the debate over gun control. It’s really incredible. I’m not sure when we decided that a Democrat in a marginal district who loses his A rating from the NRA automatically loses reelection. Because it’s not like we do everything other partisan organizations like the Chamber [of Commerce] or NAM [National Association of Manufacturers] tell us to…

Pandering to the NRA is the probably worst part of my job. I can justify the rest of it—not just to keep the seat, but because I believe most of the positions he takes are consistent with what his constituents want. But sucking up to the NRA when something like Colorado happens is hard to stomach.

Come on Dems.  Can you stick your tippy toe into the water and bring up banning assault rifles?  Nothing but assault rifles?

Please?  Pretty please?




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Love Picnics?

Want to bring the outside in?  Love picnics?  How about this grass-covered table via HAIKO CORNELISSEN ARCHITECTEN:

Yours for only $5,950.

(Probably not recommended for households with cats or with dogs who like to jump on the furniture.  Could get kinda messy.)

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Ted Nugent Lying, or Willfully Ignorant About Guns Used by Aurora Shooter

Ted Nugent, a big supporter of Mitt Romney and of guns, tweeted this this afternoon:

Here are the facts, straight from the the mouth of Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates:

James Holmes had no shortage of that. When police apprehended him outside the Century Aurora 16 theater Friday morning, Holmes had four guns on him. He was carrying:

– An AR-15 assault rifle

– A Remington 12-gauge 870 shotgun

– Two 40-caliber Glock handguns

Three of those weapons, including the shotgun and the assault rifle, he brought into the theater, according to Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates. A single shooter with three high-powered guns: It’s hardly shocking that the massacre took the lives of 12 and injured 58 others. During a press conference Friday morning, Oates couldn’t even put a number on the shots Holmes fired. The chief admitted it was beyond his team’s scope of calculation, limiting his confirmation only to “many, many rounds.”

Is Nugent trying to protect the gun industry?  Is he just flat ignorant (watching too much Fox)?  Or is he psychologically incapable of accepting the fact that an assault rifle was used?  I ask that third question because he loves assault rifles.  Watch this episode of No Reservations during which he and host Anthony Bourdain have a good ol’ time shooting them off:

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Romney Surrogates Stick Huge Foot in Mouth

Bear with me here:

Two local business owners the Mitt Romney campaign tapped on Wednesday to speak out against President Barack Obama and government interference couldn’t have been more contradictory choices to speak out on the topic.

The point of the 11 a.m. news conference was to stress that small business owners succeed because of their own grit and determination and don’t need government to do it.


The line of attack spread Wednesday to 24 events in swing states across the country, from Columbus, Oh., to Palm Beach and Raleigh, N.C. In Tampa, the campaign spotlighted Rebecca Smith, owner of the construction company A.D. Morgan Corp., and Lou Ramos, owner of Value Enterprise Solutions, an information technology company.

“None at all,” Ramos said, when asked what role government have fed into their success.


The A.D. Morgan Corporation employs 50 people and has annual revenues of about $80 million, according to its website. The company lists more than 130 projects and developments. Impressive, no doubt. But the list is nearly all government projects. (One of the few not to be: the Poynter Institute for Media Studies). From the Sumter County jail expansion, Woodlawn Elementary School, the library at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, interior sign at James Haley Veterans Hospital, the Plant City Courthouse, a Florida Department of Transportation weigh station, the projects that have made A.D. Morgan the success it is have been government, big and small, state and local.


Asked again about her heavily reliance on government work, Smith got all post-modern.

“We’re all government,” she said.

As for Ramos, his company’s Facebook page describes Value Enterprise Solutions as “providing value added service/education to businesses, local government, federal government, Department of Defense, and industry contract organizations.”

So his company also gets government work, just like Smith’s. His company’s Facebook also describes it as a “minority/service disabled veteran owned small disadvantaged business.” That’s a designation that’s not recognized in the private sector. But with the federal government, that designation affords companies a special status so they can be the sole bidder on a project.

Asked if he was getting government assistance with that designation, Ramos said the website is wrong. He doesn’t have that status, although he did say that he’s been trying to get it. In the Air Force for 24 years, Ramos dismissed the role it played in providing him the training and expertise to run his business today.

Ms. Smith’s denial that getting government contracts helps her business is bad enough but here’s what I mean about a small business owner being stupid — this unbelievable quote:

“It wasn’t handed to me,” Ramos said. “I worked my butt off. My military experience taught me integrity. But that didn’t come from the government.”


Amazing.  Just amazing.

Man-oh-man.  What would the Romney campaign do without people like this?

And does the Romney campaign vet these people?  Apparently not. If they’re willing to stand up and lie, or be stupid, whichever it is, that’s okay with them.

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Democrats Not at All Enthusiastic About Voting This November

This is what happens when the Democratic party tacks to the right while ignoring and taking for granted its base:

Compared to previous elections, are you more enthusiastic than usual about voting, or less enthusiastic?


Hey, I’m there.  I’m one of the 39%ers.  As they say, I didn’t leave the party, the party left me.

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Crazy Allen West (R-FL) for V.P.

The (in my book) certifiably insane Allen West (R-FL) is winning a poll over at RightWingNews as to who Romney should pick for VP.  And if that isn’t bad enough, Paul Ryan (R-WI), who wants to put the final nail in the coffin of the middle class, is coming in second.

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Criticizing a Sitting President During a Time of War While Overseas

Remember when, think during the Bush administration, Republicans thought it almost treasonous to criticize a sitting president during a time of war while overseas?

Bearing that in mind, Mitt Romney’s headed overseas today (to London, Israel and Poland).  I’m taking bets as to how many hours it will take before he criticizes a sitting president during a time of war while overseas.

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