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Black and White

This happened today:

A Texas man convicted of killing a police informant was executed Tuesday evening after the U.S. Supreme Court rejected arguments that he was too mentally impaired to qualify for the death penalty.

Marvin Wilson, 54, was pronounced dead at 6:27 p.m., 14 minutes after his lethal injection began at the state prison in Huntsville. Wilson’s attorneys had argued that he should have been ineligible for capital punishment because of his low IQ.

In their appeal to the high court, his attorneys pointed to a psychological test conducted in 2004 that pegged Wilson’s IQ at 61, below the generally accepted minimum competency standard of 70.


This is Marvin Wilson:

(Image via

This happened too:

Jared Loughner pleads guilty to Tucson shootings, avoids death penalty.  Jared Lee Loughner on Tuesday pleaded guilty to killing six people and wounding former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and a dozen others in a January 2011 shooting rampage at a Tucson, Ariz., supermarket.


A guilty plea deal means Loughner will not face the death penalty; instead, he would spend the rest of his life in prison.


This is Jared Loughner:

(Image via Wikipedia)

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In Brilliant Move, Obama Campaign Taps Sandra Fluke

I have big problems with Obama but as a pro-choice woman, a voter and a resident of the Denver metro area, I think this is brilliant.  It will be a hit:

(Image via

President Barack Obama begins a campaign swing through Colorado starting tomorrow (Wednesday).  And he’s recruited Sandra Fluke to introduce him in Denver.

The now-graduated Georgetown Law student was not allowed to testify at a House Oversight And Government Reform Committee hearing on contraception in February.

Then, after radio commentator Rush Limbaugh later called her a “slut” and a “prostitute,” she made another exclusive appearance on The Ed Show to respond. President Obama called her the next day and offered words of support and encouragement.

After losing a boat load of sponsors, Limbaugh apologized, but Fluke courageously refused to accept it.  Fluke later endorsed Obama for re-election.


Fluke’s appearance underscores the Obama campaign’s focus on female voters, who could determine who gets Colorado’s nine electoral votes.


And a triple bravo to Sandra Fluke.  I’m sure her life was hell while Rush was ripping her apart but she didn’t back down and she didn’t shut up like he hoped.  Amazing woman.



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Romney Insults Israel — Waiting For an Apology As We Speak


(Image via Kicholas Kamm / AFP Getty)

Mitt Romney bills himself as an ardent friend of Israel running against President Barack Obama who hasn’t visited the American ally since taking the oath of office, but Romney’s friendship only extends so far.

At a fundraiser today in Chicago — barely a week after visiting the Holy Land — Romney took a shot at the Israeli Kibbutz movement, a product of the early socialist zionist movement and integral to the story of the founding of the State of Israel.

“It’s individuals and their entrepreneurship which have driven America,” Romney said. “What America is not a collective where we all work in a Kibbutz or we all in some little entity, instead it’s individuals pursuing their dreams and building successful enterprises which employ others and they become inspired as they see what has happened in the place they work and go off and start their own enterprises.”


Another insult due to an unforced error that Mitt or one of “his people” will have to apologize for or smooth over. They’re really adding up. I get the feeling insulting people is something Mitt is used to doing.



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Papa John’s Pizza Hates Obamacare

If you eat at Papa John’s pizza, you should know that they hate Obamacare and they are going make sure you pay if they have to implement it, dammit (so, hint, hint, call your congress critter and tell him or her to get it repealed!):


Pizza chain Papa John’s told shareholders that President Obama’s health care law will cost consumers more on their pizza.

On a conference call last week, CEO and founder John Schnatter (a Mitt Romney supporter and fundraiser) said the health care law’s changes — set to go into effect in 2014 — will result in higher costs for the company — which they vowed to pass onto consumers.

“Our best estimate is that the Obamacare will cost 11 to 14 cents per pizza, or 15 to 20 cents per order from a corporate basis,” Schnatter said.

“We’re not supportive of Obamacare, like most businesses in our industry. But our business model and unit economics are about as ideal as you can get for a food company to absorb Obamacare,” he said.

“If Obamacare is in fact not repealed, we will find tactics to shallow out any Obamacare costs and core strategies to pass that cost onto consumers in order to protect our shareholders best interests,” Schnatter vowed.


An increase of between “15 to 20 cents per order?”  I would imagine Papa John’s pizzas vary in price by 15 to 20 cents already, given the fluctuating price of gas and of things like corn and wheat.  Seems to me CEO Schnatter’s agenda is to scare his customers into rallying against Obamacare which he obviously personally loathes.

Well, that ain’t gonna happen on my end.  My reaction isn’t to turn against Obamacare, it’s to turn against Papa John’s, which has a shop not eight blocks from my house.

We have got to do something about health care costs in this country.  Obamacare isn’t perfect but it’s a start.

See ya Papa John’s.


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Nothing Says Food Like…

Nothing says food like…sex!

This Newsweek cover is exactly what I think of when I think about the “101 Best Places to Eat in the World.”

Hell yeah.

(Image via

Aye yie yie.  Sex.  Everywhere.

Oh, and P.S. — Everyone eats asparagus like this, right?

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MSNBC’s Twitter Feed Just a Tad Slow

Don’t tell me MSNBC just sent out this tweet:

Check out the date and time at the bottom.  What?  20, 21 hours late?

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Romney’s New Welfare Ad is a Lie

Mitt Romney seems unable to open his mouth without lying.  It’s gotten so bad, I essentially shrug my shoulders when I hear about them and move on.  But this one is really outrageous.  It’s so outrageous I’m going to call my local station(s) if they air it:

It’s important to realize this is as dishonest an ad as you’ll ever see — in 2012 or in any other campaign cycle.

For those who can’t watch clips online, the ad shows President Clinton signing welfare reform into law in 1996, “requiring work for welfare.” The spot then argues, however, that President Obama “quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements.” The voiceover tells viewers, “Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check…. and welfare to work goes back to being plain old welfare.”

We then learn, “Mitt Romney will restore the work requirement because it works.”

Romney’s lying. He’s not spinning the truth to his advantage; he’s not hiding in a gray area between fact and fiction; he’s just lying. The law hasn’t been “gutted”; the work requirement hasn’t been “dropped.” Stations that air this ad are disseminating an obvious, demonstrable lie.

All Obama did is agree to Republican governors’ request for flexibility. That’s it. Indeed, perhaps the most jaw-dropping aspect of this is that Romney himself, during his one gubernatorial term, asked for the same kind of flexibility on welfare law that Obama agreed to last month. Romney, in other words, is attacking the president for doing what Romney asked the executive branch to do in 2005.

The entire line of attack is simply insane.


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