Rebuild the Joplin Mosque!

August 9, 2012 at 6:14 PM Leave a comment

The day after the tragic massacre at the Sikh temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, this happened:

Shortly after the Islamic Society of Joplin opened a mosque in 2007 in Joplin, a small town in Southwest Missouri, the sign in front was set on fire, an act determined to be arson. On the 4th of July of this year, someone who is undoubtedly a deeply patriotic person was filmed by a surveillance camera throwing a flaming object onto the roof of the mosque in an attempt to burn it down, causing some fire damage (see the video below); despite a $15,000 reward offered by the FBI for information leading to the arrest of those responsible and a clear shot of the attacker’s face, nobody has come forward to identify him.

On Monday of this week — the day after the Sikh temple shooting in Wisconsin — that same Joplin mosque burned to the ground,

(Image via

completely destroyed by a fire that began in the middle of the night. So powerful was the fire that “only remnants indicated a building had been there, including some stone pillars that were still standing and a few pieces of charred plywood loosely held up by a frame.”

Meanwhile, a fund has been set up to help the Islamic Society of Joplin rebuilt their mosque.  I’m not sure how long the site has been up but as of this second, it has raised $211,860 toward its $250,000 goal.

I just gave $20.00 that I don’t have because it’s the right thing to do and because I’m sick of the paranoia, anger and hate that has infected our country.  I want the Islamic Society of Joplin to feel welcome and to know that I acknowledge their constitutionally protected right to practice their religion in peace.

If you want to give too, here’s where to go.

I hope the voice of those who support the Muslims in Joplin is louder than those who don’t.


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