Why Are Republicans So in Love With NJ Governor Chris Christie?

August 15, 2012 at 9:52 AM Leave a comment

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie will give the keynote address at the Republican National Convention at the end of the month.  Huh?  If we had a real media in this country Republicans would keep Christie behind locked doors.  A real media wouldn’t swoon over Christie’s cockiness, they’d talk about how all that bluster hides the miserable job he’s done as governor:

(Image via NJ1015.com)

Mitt Romney publicly tapped Gov. Chris Christie of New Jersey as the keynote speaker at the Republican National Convention, and within hours, Mr. Christie promised to deliver “very direct and hard truths” to the American people.

“Fixing these problems is not going to be easy for any of them,” he warned USA Today.

If the governor is in a mood for genuine candor about the economy, he could make one hell of a speech. His once prosperous state has lately become a national laggard.

Last year, New Jersey ranked 47th in economic growth, and as The Record newspaper noted, its economy shrank by 0.5 percent, even as the economies of 43 other states grew. State employment figures also do not offer much comfort.

Mr. Christie took office in 2010, when the state unemployment rate was 9.7 percent, 35th in the nation. Now it is 9.6 percent, ranking 48th.




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