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Tampa Strip Clubs Welcome Republican Attendees

Only 11 days to go before the Republicans get down to business party hardy in Tampa:

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Hee hah!

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Headline of the Day

What are the chances of this happening?

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Norwegian Driver Hits Bear After Trying to Avoid Moose

A Norwegian driver who tried to avoid crashing into a moose hit a bear instead, a wildlife official said.

The accident took place on Wednesday night on a rural road 225km (140 miles) north of Oslo, in Hedmark county.

While the driver escaped uninjured, a search party was tracking the bear after finding traces of blood, local wildlife official Svein Erik Bjorke told the Reuters news agency.


The driver spotted the moose around midnight near Hanestad village and tried to steer around the animal, when a bear suddenly ran in front of his car.


The moose managed to flee the scene unharmed.


I imaging the bear was going after the moose so I’ll bet the moose thought it hit the jackpot.

Meanwhile, thoughts go out to the bear.


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Romney Tries to Explain Medicare Stance Vis-a-Vis Ryan’s, But Can’t

This is pitiful.

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Mitt Romney attempted on Thursday to boil down his Medicare plan to a simple explanation: “No change” and “Solvent.”

Those were the words he scrawled on a whiteboard at a last-minute news conference in Greer, S.C. this afternoon as he attempted to address questions about whether his plan is identical to that of Paul Ryan’s.


But after the 10-minute and 11-second news conference, Romney shed no new light on how he would overhaul the 47-year-old federal health care program for senior citizens and how (or if) his program differs from that of his running mate’s much-maligned proposal that is part of an effort to slash the federal budget deficit.


I get the feeling Romney thinks he’s owed the presidency; that it’s his turn, dammit, and that he thought he’d waltz on into the Oval Office without having to answer serious questions about his past and about his proposals.

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One Amazing Animal

Mother Nature must have been in a very, very good mood when she designed the mantis shrimp:

(Image via

The mantis shrimp is one of the most incredible creatures found in our oceans. Over millions of years, it has equipped itself with an arsenal to rival that of any other organism, besting the limits of human technology on more than one front.

Firstly, it packs the biggest punch of any predator, with a sophisticated muscle mechanism allowing speeds in excess of 50mph to be attained. Couple this wit

h the ability to create extreme low pressure behind it’s extended arm, causing the water to spontaneously boil, no prey stands a chance. This action releases intense energy, enough to break sheets of glass.
That is not all. The mantis shrimp has the most sophisticated and extensive eyes of any known creature. With their unique shape and composition, the shrimp can see in most directions simultaneously, as well as observing more of the spectrum than us humans, both at the infra-red and ultra-violet ends. This excellent asset, coupled with the killer punch, makes the mantis shrimp one of the most effective predators in the world, as well as being one of the most beautiful.
The mantis shrimp has my full respect.  And yes, it sure is beautiful.  Mother Nature has a way with color that I envy.

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Paul Ryan’s Hometown TV Station is Protecting His Ass

The Agenda Project, the folks who recently brought us the “Romney Girl” video and before that the infamous Paul Ryan-pushing-granny-off-the-cliff video now have an updated “granny” ad spot […] and they now tell me that Ryan’s hometown TV station is refusing to air it.  The station is WMTV for Madison and Janesville, WI, and the station manager Bob Smith allegedly turned it down due to “content.”  It’s the only outlet to refuse the money so far.


Here’s the ad:

If this is a pattern at WMTV, is it any wonder Ryan’s been re-elected time and again?  The local media is potentially protecting him.

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Waiting for the MSM to Start Calling Ann Romney Angry

Remember when Michelle Obama was an “angry black woman?”  And remember how the right claims they’re still waiting for President Obama to (1) release his “real” birth certificate, and (2) his college records?

(Image via NBC)

Read this with those things in mind:

Ann Romney couldn’t keep the contempt off of her face in an exclusive interview with Natalie Morales excerpted from an upcoming NBC special airing Thursday. Her lip curled in Cheneyesque contempt as reporter Morales asked, “Are you angry that it’s been in the press? I mean, should you not be questioned about your finances?”

Mrs. Romney’s response was that since their finances are “attacked” (implying some sort of unfair questioning), they won’t be releasing them. This is like saying, hey, if you’re going to arrest me for stealing, I’m not going to show you what I stole. I mean, their finances raise questions because of choices they made, not choices the American people made, so it hardly seems fair to punish the people for asking questions.

Read more here and watch a video of the interview.  Note the expression on Ann Romney’s face during the first 25 seconds.  Then listen to her play the victim and remember all the negative airtime Obama got over the birther issue and not releasing his college records and that Michelle Obama got over the “angry black woman” thing.

I guess that treatment doesn’t apply to rich, white people.

Oh, and Ann Romney says they give 10% of their income to “charity.”  Kind of misleading Ann.  You give 10% to your church.  Ann thinks we’re idiots too.

P.S.  63 percent of Americans think the Romneys should release more returns.

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Paul Ryan Caught Cheating on His Taxes

(Image via Politico)

What is it with the Romney/Ryan ticket? The murky money of Romney/Ryan is becoming the defining narrative about the Republican ticket.

Paul Ryan and his wife inherited between $1 – 5 million in 2010 and whoopsie daisy, he forgot to disclose it for two years. You’d almost think it was on purpose, well, some people do think that, since Ryan didn’t remember it until he was being vetted by the Romney campaign.

Hey, at least Paul Ryan provided some tax returns when he interviewed for the VP slot. That’s more than some people will do. But it doesn’t look so great that Mr. Ryan forgot to disclose an income producing trust worth between 1 – 5 million dollars.

As he was being vetted, Mr. Ryan pulled a Romney and retroactively amended his disclosures on June 6, 2012 in order to include one of the couple’s largest assets — the $1 – 5 million income producing trust Janna Ryan inherited from her mother.

The omission was classified as an “inadvertent omission.” The average American probably couldn’t justify forgetting about a trust earning, according to USA Today, “between $15,001 and $50,000 in 2010, and between $100,001 and $1 million last year.”


An “inadvertent omission?”  Yeah, right.  What an insult.  Ryan has the same arrogant attitude the Romneys have as he looks down and talks down to We the Little People as if we’re idiots.

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