If Breast Cancer Doesn’t Kill You, the Cost of Treating it Might

August 17, 2012 at 5:24 PM 3 comments

A good friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer about six weeks ago. She had surgery to remove it but it wasn’t successful so her doctor recommended she have a double mastectomy, which she did two weeks ago to the day.

(Image via JeffreyDach.com)

I have been taking her food (as have others) and walking her dog every afternoon since then so we chat about her progress every day.  This afternoon she told me she got the bill from the hospital, for the surgical suite and the roughly 30 hours she spent there.  $75,000.00.

$75,000.00.  And that doesn’t include the surgeon, the radiologist, the anesthesiologist, the physical therapist she’s seeing now, the plastic surgeon who’s creating new, artificial boobs and who knows who else.

$75,000.00 for hospital services only.

This thing will easily top $100,000.00.

Thank goodness she has insurance but god knows it won’t pay 100% of all the bills that will come rolling in.

If she didn’t have insurance she would probably be staring the Grim Reaper in the face right about now.

Five years ago I was fine one day and in the hospital with a ruptured appendix the next and suddenly I was looking at a bill of something like $37,000.00.

Americans, what are you thinking when you cheer candidates who want to get rid of “Obamacare?”  No, it ain’t perfect but for crying out loud, let’s improve it, not abolish it.  Do you all think you’re immune from these things happening to you?


(Can you hear me screaming now?)


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  • 1. Chris Sherlock (@SquarePeg61)  |  August 17, 2012 at 5:58 PM

    I’ll tell you what they’re thinking. They’re thinking “the black guy” came up with the healthcare plan and their racial prejudice makes them go against their own self-interest. Simple as that.

  • 2. Say It Ain't So Already  |  August 17, 2012 at 6:20 PM

    Yup. But we should put “thinking” in quotes.

  • 3. Tim Truett  |  August 18, 2012 at 1:12 AM

    That bill, that number, is meaningless. It’s there for public relations or some other purpose. It’s not the amount the hospital will accept as payment in full from an insurer, from different insurers or even from your friend had she no insurance at all. It’s certainly far, far different amount than the hospital will be paid (in full) made from her insurance company. When my wife was sick with cancer we’d get these weekly chemo bills totaling 100’s of thousands of $. The hospitals & doctors would accept literally pennies on the dollar billed.

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