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Todd Akin Blames it All on the “Liberal Media”

There’s no end to the lengths Republicans will go to blame the mythical “liberal media” for the fixes they get themselves into:

See posts below for info as to how this is Total. Bullshit.

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The WingNutOSphere’s Dream Photo of Obama Using a Teleprompter

Wingnuts would have us believe that only incompetent wimps like President Obama use teleprompters, never mind that Republicans use them all the f-ing time.  (Google it.)

That said, watch this Reuters photo blanket the wingnutosphere starting ah, right about now, to “prove” that.

A teleprompter obscures U.S. President Barack Obama as he speaks during a campaign event at Capital University in Cleveland, Ohio August 21, 2012. Obama is on a two-day campaign trip to Ohio, Nevada and New York. (Image via REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque)

(Image via Reuters Gallery.)

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Remember When Republicans Thought Going Rogue Was so Cool?

Todd Akin goes rogue:

(Image via


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Mitt Romney Cows to Rush Limbaugh; GOP Head(*) Covers For His Wimpiness

It’s enough to make your head spin (and then make you vomit):

Thirteen minutes later, Reince Priebus, the head of the Republican party, on CNN:

Republicans have perfected the art of spin to the point where we literally can’t believe a word they say.

*  Reince Priebus is the head of the GOP, on paper.  We all know Rush Limbaugh is the official head and that Mitt Romney takes orders from him, as evidenced by what happened today.

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While Trying to Silence Todd Akin, the GOP Adopts His Abortion Stance as Its Official Position

While establishment Republicans are sweating bullets trying to get Missouri Representative Todd Akin to withdraw from his senatorial campaign for speaking the truth as to what Republicans believe about abortion, the party has incorporated Akin’s stance into its official platform:

In what will probably strike many people as a monumentally tone-deaf move, the GOP plans to include a plank in its 2012 platform calling for an amendment that would outlaw abortions under any circumstance. CNN reported on the draft language it obtained on Monday night, and the platform committee approved it on Tuesday:


This plank isn’t new for the GOP; it was also part of the party’s platform in 2008. But given the major flap this week over Missouri Republican Todd Akin’s remark that women who are the victims of “legitimate rape” can’t get pregnant and therefore a rape exception isn’t necessary, the release of the draft language arrives at a  pretty bad time for the GOP. Scores of Republicans have condemned Akin’s remarks. But by including it in the platform, the party is formally aligning behind a position that shows the same disregard for women who are the victims of rape that Akin got pilloried for vocalizing.


The last few words there are key: “got pilloried for vocalizing.”  Republicans would rather not talk about their no-abortion-ever stand.  If they did, they might lose the all-important independent vote. Akin isn’t being pilloried for his beliefs, he’s being pilloried for talking about them in such a public forum.  Republicans agree with him ideologically; it’s just that they hope to win elections by keeping quiet about that, and then to stealthily slip laws under the door, in the middle of the night, to codify those beliefs.


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We’re Selling Appalachia to India

This happened last week:

A company in India plans to buy $7 billion worth of coal from Kentucky and West Virginia producers, Gov. Steve Beshear announced Wednesday.

Beshear, at a Capitol news conference, called the private partnership “a great example of a new market for Kentucky resources.” He noted that he made an economic development trip to India two years ago and will be making another trip soon.

The deal is for 25 years and involves India’s Abhijeet Group and New Jersey-based FJS Energy LLC buying coal from Kentucky and West Virginia through Kentucky-based affiliates FJSE Marshall Inc. and FJSE River Coal.

Under the agreement, Kentucky coal companies will export about 9 million tons of coal each year to the Abhijeet Group, which has been buying coal from Indonesia and Australia.

Jim Booth of the Inez-based Booth Energy said his energy team is looking forward to working with India.

“We are very pleased that we have forged a partnership that meets their demand abroad and creates and sustains Kentucky jobs,” he said.


This is a case of India literally buying the land out from under us.  $7 in coal imports means more of this: destruction of the Appalachias:

(Image via

(Image via

So we’re going to tear up Appalachia so we can send coal to India so it can burn that coal in coal-fired power plants which are the highest single polluting entities on the planet.

Our “leaders” are criminally shortsighted.

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The Paul Ryan / Todd Akin Personhood Bill Could Outlaw In Vitro Fertilization

How intrusive into our private lives is the Paul Ryan / Todd Akin “Sanctity of Life Act?”  Very:

Paul Ryan and Todd Akin: This is a person.

The national battle over Todd Akin’s comments about “legitimate rape” has shed light on a “personhood” bill, co-sponsored by Akin and Paul Ryan, called the Sanctity of Life Act. Much of the chatter today has focused on whether Ryan opposes abortion in cases of rape. The Romney campaign confirmed today that Ryan does personally oppose it, while clarifying that a Romney-Ryan administration would not oppose it.

But what about the other legal implications of the bill Ryan and Akin co-sponsored? In an interview just now, Dem Rep. Louise Slaughter, one of the leading pro-choice voices in Congress, raised two startling possibilities.

“One of the questions around this legislation is, Could a rapist who impregnated a victim sue that victim if she decided not to carry that baby and to have an abortion?” Slaughter said. “Another question: Could in vitro fertilization be outlawed?”

It’s unclear how this legislation would work. The bill affirms that from the moment of fertilization onward, “every human being shall have all the legal and constitutional attributes and privileges of personhood.” It then says that Congress and the states have the “authority” to protect all human beings — again, defined as human life from fertilization onward — residing in their juristictions.

Slaughter’s suggestion is that this affirms the authority of Congress or the states to pass laws outlawing IVF, since that procedure requires the destruction of embryos, or that it could give legal weight to a rapist’s insistence that his victim not abort her baby — though again, it’s unclear how this would work.

“What it says is that a single cell can achieve all the protections the Constitution of the United States bestows on persons,” Slaughter said of the bill. “Scientifically the law is crazy.”


And that’s putting it politely.

Paul Ryan is a radical radical.  Heck, the personhood amendment was voted down in my state (Colorado) twice, by “wide margins,” and in 2010 even Mississippi — Mississippi! — rejected it.



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