Good Time at the Food Bank Today

August 24, 2012 at 4:25 PM Leave a comment

Regular readers of this blog know I volunteer at the Emergency Family Assistance Association’s food bank in Boulder, Colorado one day a week.  Today was that day this week and it was so cool because we had something special to offer our patrons.

Yeah, we had the usual food but today a nursing home that had cleaning out its closets dropped off four huge boxes of Ajax, liquid floor cleaners, Lysol, Clorox, Windex, brooms and mops.  We set them to the side, near the area where people’s carts are weighed after they collect their food.  Folks were absolutely loving picking out two or three items because those things are expensive and when you’re poor and you can’t afford food, you can be sure you don’t have a separate cleaner for your floor, your sink, your windows, your countertops and your dust rag like some people do.

So, anyway, it was so fun to be able to offer those things.  In the nearly four years I’ve been there the only non-food item we regularly have (and not all that often) is clothes soap and that always gets snatched up immediately.  And frankly, before today, I’d never given much thought to how expensive household cleaners are nor had I asked myself which ones I would eliminate if I was as poor as the people we serve are.


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