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Republicans Say Personhood Begins Two Weeks Before a Woman Conceives

The Republican party has gone insane.  I mean, wrap your mind around this:

A new law was signed by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer on Thursday that has abortion advocates up in arms. The new law, titled Women’s Health and Safety Act deems a woman pregnant 2 weeks before conception.


I thought it was outrageous when Republicans said this was a person:

Now they’re saying a person is a person two weeks before it’s conceived?


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Fox News “Glam?”

Here’s a smart article about Fox piling the makeup on its female anchors and guests.  My theory as to why they do it is there’s a hooker-esque aspect happening there, with the females madeup to exude a come-hither persona to give the old white men audience members some sex with their hate and violence.

Fox News Anchor Megyn Kelly (Image via Charles Ommanney / Getty)

Growing up in the South, my friends and I had a unified theory of beauty: the more blue eye shadow you were wearing, the better you looked. We used as many shades as we could, buying big discount-store palettes and layering the stuff from lashes to eyebrow. I don’t know how this look got started or why it has such a regional flavor. But it was with a certain amount of nostalgia—you might say a shock of recognition—that years later, sitting in the makeup chair at Fox News, preparing to promote a book, I watched as the makeup artist lavished blue shadow onto my lids, so much shadow that I felt I should be wearing a sash and tiara.

Afterward, I made some inquiries among other women who had been guests on Fox and among the makeup professionals who work in the brightly lit warrens of the news-talk-show industry, transforming dozens of faces a day. I learned that while the vivid blue of my eye shadow may have been an aberration, its heavy application was not. “Pageant queen” was one of the kinder articulations I heard of the female aesthetic at Fox News and its financial counterpart, Fox Business; “glamour nighttime” was another. “At Fox, they look very painted,” a makeup artist at CNN said pointedly. (This makeup artist, like many of those I spoke with, preferred not to be named, for fear of losing future assignments.) A publicist who works with high-profile news makers recalled that Fox covered one client’s face with so much bronzer that she “looked like a female George Hamilton.”


But the best explanation for Fox glam may be the channel’s largely conservative audience. An argument can be made that conservative women are typically less squeamish than progressive ones about embracing what the sociologist Catherine Hakim calls “erotic capital,” otherwise known as using your looks to get ahead.


“They’re definitely pandering to a male audience,” says Meli Pennington, a makeup artist who runs a blog called Wild Beauty. Also, cable-news viewers tend to be older, so Fox may be specifically catering to the sensibilities of older men, she posits, by making women a little “brighter.” She means this literally. “You think of Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends,” she says: “As he got older, they all get brighter and blonder. Look at Anna Nicole Smith. It’s like the large-print edition of women.”

“Fox glam?”  I call it Fox cheap.

Oh, and Fox is also fighting this common belief among wingers (via Ann Coulter):  “I think all real females are right-wingers and I can tell you that based on experience — and my bodyguard will back me up on this — all pretty girls are right-wingers.”

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Under Paul Ryan’s Budget, Tampa Might Not Know About TS Isaac

If Mitt Romney is elected and Paul Ryan’s supposedly brilliant budget gets signed into law, delegates to the next Republican National Convention might have a difficult, dangerous time getting to their destination:

(Image via AP / M. Spencer Green)

Back in March, I asked Third Way’s budget expert David Kendall if he could update some of his numbers for Ryan’s budget. Under Ryan’s plan, for instance, spending on transportation would be 26.1 percent lower in 2014 than it is today. If that size cut was applied to, say, air-traffic control programs, Kendall noted, “there would be 3,092 more flight cancellations and 68,683 delays annually. At the U.S. average of 49 passengers per flight, that’s enough to strand 151,503 more people at the gate and make 3,365,685 more people late every year.”

And heck, pray tell that convention isn’t held somewhere along the Gulf coast.  Convention-goers might fly straight into the jaws of a hurricane, and not even know it:

Likewise, spending on natural resources and the environment would be 14.6 percent lower under Ryan’s budget in 2014 than it is today. Assuming those cuts hit all programs in this category equally — and, again, this is for illustration purposes — then this is how it would affect weather forecasting. “Our weather forecasts would be only half as accurate for four to eight years until another polar satellite is launched,” estimates Kendall. “For many people planning a weekend outdoors, they may have to wait until Thursday for a forecast as accurate as one they now get on Monday. … Perhaps most affected would be hurricane response. Governors and mayors would have to order evacuations for areas twice as large or wait twice as long for an accurate forecast.”


So hell yeah!  Vote Republican.  What could go wrong with a weather forecasting infrastructure consisting of outlooks on hills sticking wet fingers in the air, looking for approaching clouds.


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Dick Morris Predicts 5-6 Point Romney Convention Bounce

Virtually everything toe sucking Dick Morris says is fact-less spin — don’t think he’s ever been right about anything — so I thought it would be fun to post this tweet as my Tweet of the Day and check back next week to see how it went:

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Bird Uses Hurricane Winds to Travel Up to 100 MPH

This is something:

Wimbrel. (Photo by Glen Tepke)

Migrating Whimbrels — a type of shorebird — may struggle for hours against winds when trying to cross the Caribbean during hurricane season but get a huge boost as they fly out of storms, report researchers from the Center for Conservation Biology in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Ahead of a large tropical storm last year scientists attached satellite transmitters to one Whimbrel, which they named “Hope”. A statement from the American Bird Conservancy explains what they found.

“She took 27 hours averaging just 9 mph to fly non-stop through the storm to get to the center; then she flew at an average of almost 100 mph for 1.5 hours out the back end, using the power of the storm to ‘slingshot’ her towards land.”

Fletcher Smith, lead biologist on the tracking project, said the study highlights the “truly amazing dynamics of bird migrations”.


Wow, “She took 27 hours averaging just 9 mph to fly non-stop through the storm to get to the center…”  Impressive.  Beautiful bird too.


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George W. Bush Haunting the Republican Convention

No, it wouldn’t look good for Republicans to be whooping it up in Tampa while New Orleans floods and gets blown away by Hurricane Isaac so this is what they’re faced with:

With Isaac headed toward New Orleans, Republican National Convention officials are considering a number of worst-case scenarios including a quick roll call and a truncated speech by Mitt Romney, National Journal reports.

“Officials conceded on the record for the first time Monday that plans for an already shortened three-day convention were in doubt… A senior GOP official said no decision had been made and none was likely Monday, but said the convention conceivably could be as short as a single day.”


Republicans can thank George W. Bush for backing them into this corner. If Isaac hits New Orleans, they must shorten their convention to atone for Bush ignoring the city for something like nine days after Katrina hit and then trying to show concern by flying over in a helicopter, as if he didn’t want to get too close to Those People.

(Image via

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Where Would Pew Put You?

Pew is out with one of those fun, time-wasting quizzes where at the end you find out where you fit on the political spectrum.

Take it here.

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