George W. Bush Haunting the Republican Convention

August 27, 2012 at 10:50 AM Leave a comment

No, it wouldn’t look good for Republicans to be whooping it up in Tampa while New Orleans floods and gets blown away by Hurricane Isaac so this is what they’re faced with:

With Isaac headed toward New Orleans, Republican National Convention officials are considering a number of worst-case scenarios including a quick roll call and a truncated speech by Mitt Romney, National Journal reports.

“Officials conceded on the record for the first time Monday that plans for an already shortened three-day convention were in doubt… A senior GOP official said no decision had been made and none was likely Monday, but said the convention conceivably could be as short as a single day.”


Republicans can thank George W. Bush for backing them into this corner. If Isaac hits New Orleans, they must shorten their convention to atone for Bush ignoring the city for something like nine days after Katrina hit and then trying to show concern by flying over in a helicopter, as if he didn’t want to get too close to Those People.

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