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Let’s Talk About Cutting Stuff

Just sayin’:

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Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) is an Idiot

This is my quote of the evening, from Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana on The Ed Schultz Show just now, about Republicans:  “Frankly, we would expect them to start telling the truth.”

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Really?  Why?  Why would you expect Republicans to start telling the truth Governor?  What makes you think they will and that they might start?  They’re lying more than ever these days.  For God’s sake, their presidential and vice presidential candidates are looking the American people right in the eye and lying their asses off.  Why would you “expect them to start telling the truth?”

I am so sick of this denial crapola or whatever it is.  Democrats have been saying this kind of thing for at least three years.  Grow a damn pair and call the (increasing) Republican lies out for what they are!!!!


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Let’s Concentrate on People Marrying Horses

America, while you wallow in fights over whether zygotes should have Constitutional rights and gay marriage opening the door to people being able to marrying horses, other countries are looking forward. Check this out:

(Image via

Europe’s First “Green” Train Leaves the Station Thanks to Belgium’s Solar Tunnel

16,000 solar panels installed on the roof of a high-speed rail tunnel in Antwerp, Belgium have been officially entered into service. The solar installation is the result of a collaboration between Belgian rail operator Infrabel, renewable energy developer Enfinity, the municipalities of Brasschaat and Schoten, intermunicipal financing companies FINEA and IKA, and solar construction company Solar Power Systems.

The project, known as the Solar Tunnel, is the first of its kind in Europe as it is the first time railway infrastructure has been used to generate green energy. The solar energy will be used in the Antwerp North-South junction (including Antwerp Central Station) by the trains and station servicing both conventional and high-speed trains.


Look at that beautiful thing.

Oh, wait, back to God striking me down because my dear, wonderful brother is gay.


(H/t Chris L.)

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Republicans Launch Effort to Turn Labor Day Into Job Creator Day

Geezus.  Republicans want to wipe history clean of any contribution American workers have made to the success of this country. This would be my quote/tweet of the day, via TalkingPointsMemo:

I noticed how on Twitter today a number of Republicans were introducing a new spin on Labor Day. As in Labor Day, the day we celebrate job creators. [My emphasis.]

Unquestionably, the one that made me day in humor value terms was that of GOP House Majority Leader Eric Cantor …

I don’t think there’s any humor in this at all.  Once Republicans set a goal, like they’re doing with this, and they hammer away at it for ten, 15, 20 years, they make it happen.  So if you have kids, mark my word, by the time they’re adults, if Republicans have their way, “job creators” will have their own Mt. Rushmore and Labor Day will be called National Genuflect to a CEO Day.

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Obama Administration to Help the U.S. Corporatocracy Exploit Egypt

Memo to the people of Egypt:  Look out.  This New York Times headline is totally misleading:  U.S. Prepares Economic Aid to Bolster Democracy in Egypt.

Tell me if you agree (or disagree) after you read this:

Nearly 16 months after first pledging to help Egypt’s failing economy, the Obama administration is nearing an agreement with the country’s new government to relieve $1 billion of its debt as part of an American and international assistance package intended to bolster its transition to democracy, administration officials said.


Hoping to capitalize on what they see as a ripening investment climate, the State Department and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce will take executives from nearly 50 American companies like Caterpillar and Xerox to Cairo beginning Saturday as part of one of the largest trade delegations ever organized. The officials and executives will urge the government to make changes in taxation, bankruptcy and labor laws to improve the investment climate.

Does the NYT really think that making changes in taxation (i.e., making the tax rate corporate-friendly), changing bankruptcy laws (making them corporate-friendly) and changing labor laws (making it so workers are more easily-exploitable) equates to “bolstering democracy” as the headline says?  Really?

So funny.  This is about the Obama administration joining with the Chamber of Commerce, who doesn’t give a flying f*ck about workers, and bribing their way into Egypt to make the place friendly to corporations, never mind the people there.
Egyptians, beware.  This will end badly for you.

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Thinking About Getting One of These

I’m thinking about getting one of these yard signs but it would be such a hit in my neighborhood I’m afraid it would get stolen the first day I put it out:


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The Republican Platform: We’re the White Guys

Just read a thoroughly enjoyable, humorous article by Eliot Weinberger of the London Review of Books about the state of the Republican party.  It’s long but I highly recommend it.  Well worth the time:  A Hologram For President.

Here’s one of my favorite parts.  Man-oh-man, the Republicans are in such a fix:

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Even Republicans don’t like Mitt. (John McCain thought the inimitable Sarah Palin a better choice as his running mate.) At the convention, it was astonishing how many speakers barely mentioned the presidential candidate at all. In the end, there was almost nothing for a good Republican to say. His business career – however much they try to portray him as a ‘job creator’, which is palpably untrue – is poisonous. His acts as governor of Massachusetts were the exact opposite of everything proposed in the party platform. For these railers against government spending, his management of the 2002 Winter Olympics cost $1.5 billion in taxpayer money – more than all seven previous Olympics in the US combined – and was denounced at the time by McCain as a ‘national disgrace’. (Nor does anyone want to be reminded of Mitt’s embarrassing performance at the London Olympics.) He cannot be praised as a ‘patriot’, when he avoided the Vietnam War by becoming a Mormon missionary for two years among the barbaric tribes of France (and where, typical of his social skills, he did not manage to convert a single soul, which he attributed to the natives’ addiction to wine). He is not, like Bush Jr, a guy you’d supposedly like to have a beer – or, in his case, a glass of milk – with. And, try as they might, he can’t really be extolled as a man of faith, a bishop in his church, for Catholics and evangelical Christians tend to find Mormonism as bizarre as Scientology, with its secret rituals, its unusual underwear, its afterlife where every man has his own planet, with his wives as moons around it. The best the Republicans can say about him is epitomised in a line from Mike Huckabee, the Baptist preacher and former governor of Arkansas with higher political aspirations: ‘If you’ve just been diagnosed with a brain tumour, you honestly don’t care if your neurosurgeon is a jerk.’


Republicans adore him [Ryan], and the general consensus is that, only 42 years old, Privatise Ryan is the future face of the party. I suspect that he’s a passing fad. On television, his charisma is inexplicable: he looks and sounds like Woody Woodpecker, though a Woody who has perfected two puppy dog expressions: eager for a treat and baleful eyes. My son says he’s like the most annoying kid in high school: the one who raises his hand to tell the science teacher that they’re running short on petri dishes.

Seriously.  Read the whole thing.  It’s great.

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