Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer (D) is an Idiot

September 3, 2012 at 8:13 PM Leave a comment

This is my quote of the evening, from Democratic Governor Brian Schweitzer of Montana on The Ed Schultz Show just now, about Republicans:  “Frankly, we would expect them to start telling the truth.”

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Really?  Why?  Why would you expect Republicans to start telling the truth Governor?  What makes you think they will and that they might start?  They’re lying more than ever these days.  For God’s sake, their presidential and vice presidential candidates are looking the American people right in the eye and lying their asses off.  Why would you “expect them to start telling the truth?”

I am so sick of this denial crapola or whatever it is.  Democrats have been saying this kind of thing for at least three years.  Grow a damn pair and call the (increasing) Republican lies out for what they are!!!!



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