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MSNBC Hires Third Graders to Man Their Twitter Feed

So this is what passes as news on MSNBC’s Twitter feed tonight?


Kids banging away on an iPhone?

MSNBC Twitter

When oh when will we have a real news media?

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Obama Shooting a Gun

This morning the White House released a photo of President Obama supposedly shooting skeet at Camp David last August.  When I’ve seen a photo or video of someone shooting skeet the gun is pointed into the air so this looks weird to me but whatever.

That said, we sure are in a sad state of affairs when the president finds it necessary to release a photo of himself shooting a rifle in order to prove ah, what?  His manliness?  And at the same time we’re talking about the proliferation of guns and gun violence?  What’s going on around here?  Geezus.  Talk about mixed messages.

Obama Shoots a Rifle

President Barack Obama shoots clay targets on the range at Camp David, Md., Saturday, Aug. 4, 2012. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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