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Entergy Blames Super Bowl Power Outage on “Customers”

So what else is new America? As usual We the People are to blame for everything:

Entergy Blames the People 2-3-13

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Super Bowl on Hold — Lights Out in Stadium

Where’s Bobby Jindal (R – Austerity for the Poor, Benies for the Rich)?


(Image via

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As the Nation Goes, So Goes Coca-Cola

Compare this 1971 commercial for Coca-Cola titled, “Buy the World a Coke,”

to this dark, violent “Coke Chase” ad the company aired during tonight’s Super Bowl:

IMHO, these ads highlight how the U.S. has changed, and there’s nothing good about it.

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Super Bowl for Dummies

Super Bowl 2-3-13

If you’re watching the Super Bowl but don’t really know much about the teams or the game, every few minutes say, “Anyone’s game” and everyone will think you know what you’re talking about.

In between?   Eat stuff.

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