Romney Revives La Jolla Beach House Remodel — Puts it on Fast-Track

February 6, 2013 at 5:31 PM Leave a comment

Now that ol’ Mitt isn’t trying to pretend he’s an unemployed common Joe Blow anymore, there this:

Romney CA Beach House

SAN DIEGO – Mitt Romney’s home remodeling plans are back on the front burner.

10News has learned the former Republican candidate for president has lifted the block he placed on the permitting process during his campaign and is now working with his lawyers to fast-track plans that would quadruple the size of his oceanfront La Jolla home.

“We’re very close to being ready for a hearing,” said Matthew Peterson, a lawyer who is representing Mitt and Anne Romney as they try to get through the complicated permitting process necessary to demolish the 3,000-square-foot house and replace it with one four times as big.


So, Mitt and his wanna-be-queen are going to have a 12,000 square foot beach house in La Jolla.  (This is the place where he’s going to install that $55,000 car elevator, btw.)  We’re talkin’ megabucks here folks.  And I think he’s thinks of this as a vacation home.

Yep, just a regular old unemployed dude.


I am so proud of us America for telling him where to stick it.


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