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Marco Rubio Thinks Beating Women is Cool

Marco Rubio (R-FL), the guy Time magazine says will be the Republican party’s “savoir,” voted in favor of violence against women on Monday:

Marco Rubio via Wikipedia

(Image via Wikipedia)

Eight Senators on Monday voted not to consider the reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act, a bill that protects victims of domestic violence. The Senators who voted against moving to debate on the bill were: Sens. Ted Cruz (R-TX), Mike Lee (R-UT), Tim Scott (R-SC), Marco Rubio (R-FL), Mike Johanns (R-NE), Rand Paul (R-KY), Pat Roberts (R-KS), and James Risch (R-ID).


(Look at all those Rs who think violence against women is cool.)

Wonder Boy Rubio might have an Hispanic name but if he casts anti-women votes like this he could lose his “savior” status in-a-Florida-minute.

Not only that, his stand on climate change (not convinced it’s real) will haunt him too.  It ain’t gonna be pretty when the sea rises, hurricanes increase and who know what happens as a result of that unreal pesky thing.  Four years is a long time in that category.

Poor kid.

Oh well.  He’s cute, so he’s got that going for him.




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Obama: Climate Change Will Have to Wait

Obama doesn’t get it.

I have a feeling Sasha and Malia will be yelling at their dad in five or ten years (as will all the little kids I know):

Climate change

(Image via

Senior Dem: Obama Vows to Tackle Climate – Eventually

President Obama’s message to House Democrats on Thursday: Yes, acting on climate change is important. But it’s going to have to wait in line.

Obama barely touched on energy policy during his roughly 20-minute address to the Democratic caucus on Thursday, spending more time on fiscal issues, guns and immigration.


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GOP Senator Jokes About Waterboarding

Alternate title:  Why They Hate Us

Senator Richard Burr (R-NC) made a regrettable “joke” today during the confirmation hearing for CIA director-nominee John Brennan:

Richard Burr 2-7-13

(Image via C-SPAN)

I’m going to try to be brief because I notice you’re on your fourth glass of water and I don’t want to be accused of waterboarding you.

See the video here.

Oh wow.  So funny.  Hah.  Hah. Hah.  ROFLAMO.


This is waterboarding (begins at 2:32) and it isn’t funny senator(s)!

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Next Week’s Time Magazine Cover

We’ll see.  Maybe it’s just me but I think they need more than one guy with an Hispanic name.

Time Magazine Cover 2-7-13

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Driver Trying to Park Causes Mayhem on Street in Naples, Italy

This is hilarious:

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I Thought Republicans Were Going to Repackage Themselves

Guess not.  Gee.  That didn’t last long.

Vaginal Ultrasound Machine keyboard via


Michigan Lawmakers Push Transvaginal Ultrasound Bill

The bill would require women seeking an abortion to first get a transvaginal ultrasound.

A Republican legislator in Michigan has proposed legislation that would require women to go through an invasive procedure known as a transvaginal ultrasound before they could get an abortion.

The bill, which was introduced by Republican state Rep. Joel Johnson and co-sponsored by 22 other lawmakers (including two Democrats), requires the “performance of a diagnostic ultrasound examination of the fetus at least two hours before an abortion is performed.”

“The performance of a diagnostic ultrasound examination of the fetus further protects the interests of the woman seeking an abortion by assessing the viability of the fetus and confirming the approximate gestational age of the fetus, as this information is necessary in order to determine appropriate medical care for the woman seeking an abortion,” the bill says.


Awe.  Isn’t that sweet?  They’re only thinking of us, the little ladies who need legislators to help us make medical decisions.

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Mass Shooting of the Day

Super-scary situation unfolding right now in Los Angeles:

Christopher Jordan Dorner via

(Image via

Three police officers were shot early Thursday — one fatally — and authorities believe the suspect is a former Los Angeles police officer who wrote an online manifesto threatening to harm police officials and their families.

The suspect was already wanted for allegedly killing the daughter of a former Los Angeles Police Department captain as well as the woman’s fiance in Irvine over the weekend.

The three new shootings occurred in Riverside County. One LAPD officer was grazed in the Corona area, law enforcement sources said. Then sometime later, two Riverside Police Department officers were shot in Riverside. One of those officers died, sources said.

Police have launched a manhunt for the suspect, Christopher Jordan Dorner, 33.


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