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Fox News Being Destroyed By a Monster It Helped Create

Good article over at PoliticusUSA:  Obama’s Reelection is Literally Destroying Fox News:

Fox News Alert

However, the biggest problem for Fox News is that they were wrong. FNC was so blinded by their partisan mission that they got the 2012 election completely wrong. They were wrong about Obama’s vulnerability, wrong about Romney’s victory, wrong about who would show up to vote, wrong about Republicans retaking the Senate, and most importantly, they were completely wrong about the direction of the country. The success of Obama’s tax message, the popularity of ending Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, and his action on immigration were a clear signal that the country was moving left. Instead of injecting a bit of reality into their coverage, Fox News kept trotting out people like Sarah Palin and Dick Morris to tout the inevitability of Romney’s victory. Viewers reacted to Fox’s propaganda over facts attitude by giving award the network their lowest trust ratings ever. Except for the political right, viewers don’t trust Fox.

The third wheel to fall off the Fox News juggernaut is the now out in the open civil war between the Republican Party establishment, and the tea party. Fox News employs both Karl Rove, the leader of the establishment push back, and several tea party darlings, like Mike Huckabee. Fox News was a big factor in the promotion of the right wing billionaire backed AstroTurf movement known as the tea party in 2009 and 2010, but over the past year, they have been trying to distance themselves from the monster that they helped create. President Obama’s landslide reelection turned what was stealth conflict inside the Republican Party into full on public warfare. Fox News is going to be forced to alienate a portion of their audience by picking a side. So far, the network has tried to straddle the middle publicly, but the firing of Sarah Palin made it clear that Murdoch and Ailes are siding with the party establishment.

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What poetic justice.  I remember the likes of Fox’s Neil Cavuto going to Tea Party rallies in ’09 and ’10 and egging attendees on.  They helped create this monster and now they’re stuck with it.  I love it.

We will see what happens next.  I’ve heard a number of talking heads say they think the Tea Party wing of the party will win this battle.

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Morning Tearjerker

Read this.

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