To Say Obama Has Been a Disappointment When it Comes to “Open and Transparent” is an Understatement

December 12, 2013 at 6:38 PM Leave a comment

A must read:

Obama’s Orwellian Image Control

The White House-based press corps was prohibited from photographing Mr. Obama on his first day at work in January 2009. Instead, a set of carefully vetted images was released. Since then the press has been allowed to photograph him alone in the Oval Office only twice: in 2009 and in 2010, both times when he was speaking on the phone. Pictures of him at work with his staff in the Oval Office — activities to which previous administrations routinely granted access — have never been allowed.


The official photographs the White House hands out are but visual news releases. Taken by government employees (mostly former photojournalists), they are well composed, compelling and even intimate glimpses of presidential life. They also show the president in the best possible light, as you’d expect from an administration highly conscious of the power of the image at a time of instant sharing of photos and videos.

By no stretch of the imagination are these images journalism. Rather, they propagate an idealized portrayal of events on Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you take this practice to its logical conclusion, why have news conferences? Why give reporters any access to the White House? It would be easier to just have a daily statement from the president (like his recorded weekly video address) and call it a day. Repressive governments do this all the time.

It’s shocking to me that a Democrat and a constitutional lawyer no less, would be the first to employ this dangerous precedent of shielding from We the People the man who works for We the People, lives in We the People’s house and is paid by We the People.

What is the president now?  A king?


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