Liz Sidoti, AP’s National Political Editor, Moving to BP to Become Head of (Ahem) “US Communications”

December 16, 2013 at 6:35 PM Leave a comment

The folks at British Petroleum (BP), you know, the people who destroyed the Gulf of Mexico, think Liz Sidoti, the Associated Press’s national political editor is so good at spin, they’ve hired her to be the head of “U.S. communications.”

Liz Sidoti on Twitter

(Image via Liz Sidoit on Twitter)

Got that?  Sidoti is supposedly in the news business, you know, as in honesty and facts.  But BP, which has launched a massive operation to demonize victims of its calamitous 2011 Deepwater Horizon disaster, thinks she’s so good at what she does — BP isn’t into honesty and facts — she caught their eye and they offered her a job.  Oh, and she took it.

Ah yes. Liz Sidoti: A Dedicated bearer of the truth?  Clearly not.  If she were, (1) BP wouldn’t have offered the job and (2) she wouldn’t have accepted.

Liz Sidoti, Associated Press Political Editor, Joins BP

P.S.  This is the first time I’ve seen Liz’s Twitter photo.  Unprofessional or what?  I mean, is this acceptable at the AP too?



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