What Happens When Three Journalists Ask Ed Schultz Why He Isn’t Supporting a Unionization Effort at NBC

December 16, 2013 at 2:48 PM Leave a comment

Last Thursday, Josh Eidelson, a labor reporter at The Nation magazine, posted an article titled:

Exclusive: Chris Hayes Attends Secret Union Meeting With Unhappy NBC Workers

Workers urge MSNBC’s top hosts to end silence about alleged fear campaign on their home turf. Ed Schultz demurs

While there are other liberal hosts at MSNBC, Eidelson singled out Ed Schultz in particular to say he “demurs” because Schultz has made a name and created a following by being rabidly pro-labor.  So, a fair question is:  Why isn’t he publicly siding with NBC Universal employees at its Peacock Productions division who are trying to unionize?

After Eidelson’s article hit the internet, all hell broke lose.  David Sirota, a Denver-based journalist and author chimed in on the article on his Twitter account and Friday, Schultz had a second meltdown on his radio show  in as many days after In These Times labor reporter Mike Elk called in to see if he could get an answer as to why Schultz wasn’t supporting the unionization effort.

Schultz refused to answer, claiming those who raised the issue have “income envy.”  More on that here:

Labor and the Information Economy: Which Side are You on, Ed?

For some crazy reason Schultz addressed the matter on his radio show again today, sort of that is, by listing the charitable donations he’s made over the last few years which made me wonder what the heck that had to do with the issue at hand.  Maybe it was to change the subject and make him look like SUCH A GREAT GUY.

And then he said this:

Ed Schultz Won't MentionAgain, all because Eidelson asked a perfectly legitimate question about why pro-union-Schultz isn’t actively supporting a unionization attempt at NBC.

I guess the answer is he’s afraid to, in which case he’s more of a chicken shit that the workers who are risking their jobs trying to organize, or else all of his pro-union schmaltz has been ah, schmaltz.

Oh, and I’m thinkin’ Schultz might be operating under the guidance of Paula Deen’s PR people.



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