Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker Signs Bill Making it Easier to Keep Race-Based School Mascot Names

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Some of the things Republicans choose to spend their time and energy on blows my mind.  Take this from Republicans in Wisconsin (who are not, by the way, doing much in the way of creating jobs):

Scott Walker Signs Indian Mascot Bill, Informs Tribes of Reasoning in Letter

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the controversial Indian mascot bill into law Thursday, but not before informing state tribal leaders in a letter earlier in the day of his impending action.

In the letter, Walker stated “I share many of your concerns about some of the mascots and nicknames used in Wisconsin and across America. If it were up to me personally, I would seek viable alternatives that were not offensive to Native Americans.”

But the governor detailed his concerns that the previous law, whose provisions are largely rolled back by the new law, infringed on free speech rights.

“If the state bans speech that is offensive to some, where does it stop?” Walker stated. “A person or persons’ right to speak does not end just because what they say or how they say it is offensive.”

Barbara Munson, a spokeswoman with the Wisconsin Indian Education Association “Indian” Logo and Mascot task force, called his decision to sign the bill into law “egregious.”


he new law stipulates any complaints will have to include a petition signed by members of the community equivalent to 10 percent of the district’s student population saying the logo or mascot is offensive, shifting the burden of proof to those filing the complaint.

Those who sign the petition must by 18 or older.


Michael Allen is the executive director of the Great Lakes Inter-tribal Council, a nonprofit organization of 12 federally recognized Indian tribes located in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

After reading Walker’s letter Thursday, Allen [said] the governor “has relieved Mukwanago and other recalcitrant school districts of the governmental responsibility to consider the rights and sensibility of an ethic minority.”


So, Walker thinks that if a school wants to name its mascot something like, “The Squaw Hoppers” they should be allowed to because to deny them that right violates their freedom of speech?

What this boils down to is:  White people rule.



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