The Cache County (Utah) Clerk Stops Issuing Marriage Licenses to…Everyone

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I  G N O R A N C E

I listened to a radio interview with my local county sheriff the other week.  One of the topics the interviewer touched on was gun control.  My sheriff reminded listeners that there are three branches of government and he isn’t one of them.  He said he’s there to enforce the laws the three branches of government enact.

Pretty darn clear and simple, huh? Oh, and right on.

That said, this is what the Cache County Clerk in Utah is doing in response to courts granting marriage equality there.

County clerks don’t make laws, the courts do.  It’s up to county clerks to abide by them. Period.  And if you don’t like it — Cache County Clerk —  go to Somalia where there’s no organized government and chaos rules.

This is the United States of America and we have a system of government that has stood the test of time pretty well thus far.  If you care about this country, as I suspect you would claim you do, then obey and respect the Constitution you wingnut wackos.  Oh, and take that flag pin off your lapel.  You don’t know what it means.

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s school desegregation decision in Brown v. Board of Education, Virginia Sen. Harry F. Byrd called for a campaign of “massive resistance” to Brown in an effort to thwart public school integration. One Virginia county even shut down its public school system entirely from 1959 until 1964 in order to prevent black children from attending school alongside white ones. Fifty years after Prince Edward County, Virginia reopened its schools, however, a Utah county clerk has apparently decided to follow its lead.

The Cache County, Utah Clerk’s office is closed on Monday, meaning that no one who visits that office may obtain a marriage license — whether they are gay or straight. Though the county has not explicitly stated that it closed the office in an act of massive resistance to a recent federal court decision calling for marriage equality in Utah, the county attorney’s office released a statement linking the closure to that decision: “Given the status of the pending motion for a stay and the appeal that will be filed by the state of Utah, the Clerk’s Office will be closed until further notice.”



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