The “Liberal Media” Loves Republicans

December 31, 2013 at 1:55 PM 1 comment



As I’ve mentioned before, six or seven years ago I read a quote somewhere from someone (don’t remember any of the particulars) about why so many Republicans appeared on “talk news” shows.  The answer was, “They’re the ones in power.”

It made sense at the time but whoever said was obviously full-o-crap.  Democrats are in power now but Republicans still dominate.  The blue lines are Democrats, the red lines are Republicans:

Repubs on Sunday Shows via MAddow blogLarger version here.

Not only that, the Democrats, left to right, are Joe Manchin (Coal Industry-WV), Chuck Schumer (Wall Street – NY) and Dick Durbin (In Favor of cutting Soc. Sec. benefits – IL).  Manchin and Schumer are corporate Democrats. Something happened to Durbin along the way because he’s itching to cut Social Security.  If they switched parties no one would notice.  All these guests have pretty much the same point of view.  It’s misleading to think that just because someone labeled a Democrat is on with a Republican at any given time, the audience isn’t actually hearing differing opinions.  For all intents and purposes all of these guests are Republicans.

The next time I hear the term, “liberal media,” you’ll probably be able to hear me scream.




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  • 1. Janet  |  January 1, 2014 at 2:47 PM

    Convincing the lazy thinkers the the media is “liberal” is just one more layer of the brain washing being foisted upon us by the corporatocracy. The media has never been liberal. EVER. At one point it was intelligent, but no more.

    It is a corporate run media through and through and from that point of view the republicans will always be in power. Our votes matter not.

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