Aspen Journalism: Refreshing New Media v. Tired Old Media

January 5, 2014 at 8:35 PM Leave a comment

This happened in April, 2009:

The Associated Press and its member newspapers will take legal action against Web sites that use newspaper articles without legal permission, the group said on Monday, in a clear shot at aggregators like Google.


Last June, AP threatened to sue bloggers for copying their content (see “AP Fair Use Guidelines” and “Wire Service Theft for some backstory).  They ultimately thought the better of it, partly as a result of mediation by the Media Bloggers Association but the basic question — what constitutes “Fair Use” in matters of breaking news — was never really resolved.  Further, as MBA president Bob Cox notes, one can be right on the legal merits, win in court, and still go bankrupt defending yourself.


This issue with the AP is still up in the air so I stay the hell away from linking to their stuff which is so dumb on their part.  If I copy a photo or some of their text, and give them credit, isn’t that good for them?  I think so.  It’s called publicity, small as my blog is.

That said, I love, love, love this much more modern approach to linking from AspenJournalism:

AspenJournalism re open accessGot that?

Editor’s note: These photos are available for distribution across all platforms with credit given to Brent Gardner-Smith/Aspen Journalism. Brent’s at and 970/948-1930.

Short and sweet and as it should be.

Journalism is supposed to be about getting the word out.  It isn’t meant to be “owned” (here’s looking at you AP).


P.S.  Thanks to AspenJournalism for giving me the freedom and peace of mind to post this.


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