Chris Christie: It’s the Liberal Media’s Fault — Of Course

January 19, 2014 at 7:31 PM Leave a comment

Chris Christie thinks we’re idiots.  Let’s prove him wrong.  If the U.S. attorney thinks the mayor of Hoboken should be taken seriously, at least initially, we should too.  This “liberal media” bullshit is meant to deflect attention ——-> over there and away <——– from Christie.

The “liberal media” meme was conjured up 30-yearsago by Republicans who didn’t like that the truth was being told about their ideas and policies. The “liberal media” has thus, over time, ducked it’s head and been cowed, endlessly trying to prove it isn’t liberal by going overboard in siding with conservatives.  It’s scared to death of being called “the liberal media.”  This has been exacerbated by Democrats who are too chicken shit to fight back.


Since when does Fox so-called-News feel scared or intimidated about being the voice of wingnuts?  Never.

So, yes, maybe MSNBC is liberal but that’s okay. We need freakin’ balance around here but don’t get me started on the media as a whole being “liberal.”  I wish.

Tweet of the Day 1-19-14

BTW, here’s a link to the article cited in the tweet:  US Attorney Inquiry Into Christie Widens.


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