Think People Who Go to Food Banks Gave it Good?

January 23, 2014 at 3:38 PM Leave a comment

UPDATED below @8:59 p.m. EDT 1-28-14.

Last week, while doing my usual Friday morning volunteer job at our local food bank, I was straightening out the snack and treat area when I came across some Pop Tart-type desserts called “Zippy Cakes.”  We had a whole box of them — probably 30 or 40 — and as I was rearranging them I noticed how squishy they felt and how wet they looked.

I’d never heard of “Zippy Cakes” before so I decided to take a closer look at the ingredients, but I began by looking at the nutritional breakdown and my eyes just about bugged out of my head.  The total fat content (I know the photo below is hard, if not impossible to read…sorry) was 39% and the first ingredient wasn’t flour, it was “fractionated palm oil and cottonseed oil.”  The second ingredient was sugar.  It isn’t until we get to the third ingredient that we get to flour, which one would think would be the first ingredient in anything called a “cake.”

Zippie Fat Dognuts

So the first two ingredients are oils and the third is sugar.  Disgusting.

According to Dr. Andrew Weil,

Fractionation is a further phase of palm oil processing, designed to extract and concentrate specific fatty acid fractions. Fractionated palm oil, as found in food products, has a higher concentration of saturated fat than regular palm oil and is used for the convenience of manufacturers who like its stability and melting characteristics. The healthful aspects of natural palm oil are largely lost in the process.

So, bottom line, a friend and I tossed all those “Zippy Cakes” into the trash.  Just because people are forced to get their food from a food bank, doesn’t mean they should have to eat garbage — fatty, sugary junk with no nutritional value whatsoever.

Again, disgusting.  Products like “Zippy Cakes” shouldn’t be allowed to be made, at least with those ingredients and with that much fat.  I read somewhere a while back that we shouldn’t eat any one thing with a fat content higher than 7%.


Woohah.  I just found the wrapper I took the screenshot of (above) in my printer.  Per the “Nutrition Facts” on the back, the “total fat” content of these Zippys is 38 grams or 58% of the “Daily Value.”  Saturated fat?  21 grams or 105% of the “Daily Value.”  Sodium:  320 mgs.  Carbs:  52 grams.

Eat one of these Zippy puppies per day and that’s it.  Nothing else.


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