McDonald’s Opens Its First Restaurant in Vietnam Tomorrow

February 7, 2014 at 5:27 PM Leave a comment

I hope the Vietnamese people are prepared for an obesity epidemic:

McDonalds opens in Vietnam

(Image via

Vietnam’s first McDonald’s restaurant is opening on Saturday, marking the fast food chain’s first venture into a new southeast Asian market in two decades.

The restaurant, located in Ho Chi Minh City, will be the city’s first drive-thru restaurant — which some see as a sign of Vietnam’s rising wealth. 

“Here McDonald’s is about family entertainment,” long-time Vietnam resident Frederick Burke told The Financial Times. “It has also got to be the first restaurant in Vietnam that has a drive-through — which is a sign of rising affluence in itself.”

Employees have attended three-to-nine-week training sessions to prepare for the opening, according to a video introducing the new location, which is roughly 3,000 square feet and can accommodate 350 customers.

The only locally sourced foods at the restaurant will be eggs and vegetables, according to The beef will come from Australia, while pork and potatoes will come from the U.S.


This is really incredible news for those of us who remember video from the evening news in the late 60s showing Vietnam as a swampy hell hole reeking of death and dying.


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