Granny the Cow Gets to Keep Her 13th Calf

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In the meat industry, breeding cows, like most farm animals, are often perceived as mere commodities – available only to push out calf after calf until they too follow in their babies’ footsteps and are sold for slaughter.

A mother and calf rarely spend more than six months together, some even taken soon after birth.


“Calves and cows are in separate paddocks, never to touch each other again. Both will grieve, both will try to find their way back to each other, and both will suffer the trauma that you and I would suffer if we were separated from our children by force, before we are ready to let them go,” Kris continues.

A Murray Grey cow named Granny, who came to live at Signal Hill just a few months ago (a relatively new sanctuary set out on 200 acres of natural bushland near the Yass River [in Australia]), spent 15 years of her life as a breeding cow [and had 12 calves that were taken away from her].

About a week ago, caregivers noticed that Granny, a “gentle and beautiful girl,” was pregnant.

Her calf was born last Thursday, February 13.  The calve’s name is Valentine, and Granny and Valentine will never be separated.

Valentine the calf.  Image Signal Hill Sancturary via

(Image Signal Hill Sanctuary via


Oh my God.  We humans are cruel.







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