Cover the Kids’ Eyes

February 22, 2014 at 3:53 PM Leave a comment

My automobile insurance policy renewal notice came today. In it was this “Important Notice” regarding a change in the policy:

State Farm re Civil Unions

It reads:

6126ME Civil Union Endorsement

This endorsement is part of the policy.  Except for the changes this endorsement makes, all other provisions of the policy remain the same and apply to this endorsement.

When used in this policy or in any endorsement attached to this policy:

1.  The words “spouse”, marriage”, and “marital” refer to the legal relationship between two persons united together in either:

a.  a marriage; or

b.  a civil union

that is recognized by and valid under Colorado law.

Progress for sure (I never thought I’d see the day) but I can’t wait until we do away with civil unions and give gays and lesbians the same marriage rights and privileges we straight people enjoy.

Anyway, it just kind of hit me when I saw this in writing.  I’m so proud of Colorado for moving forward on this, in contrast that to how I’d feel if I lived in boo, hiss, hate-state Arizona.



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