Sweet, Sweet Story (Involving Animals and Old People)

March 13, 2014 at 4:08 PM Leave a comment

I came across this out of Australia a few days ago:

Rescued Farm Animals Bring Joy to Nursing Home Residents

Many of us are familiar with the idea of therapy animals, particularly friendly dogs and cats who visit sick children or victims of abuse and neglect. However, dogs and cats are not the only domestic animals that can provide us humans with great comfort and happiness.

In fact, if only we’d allow them more of a chance, we’d see that farm animals can also bring joy into our lives.

Take for instance the group of “kindness crusaders” out of Edgar’s Mission farm animal sanctuary in Victoria, Australia, made up of Timmy the sheep, Miss Chief the goat, and little Ginger Chicken.

It’s primarily a photo essay and the pictures are priceless.  The nursing home residents look like they’re vibrating with joy:

Edgar's Mission 1

(Image EdgarsMission.org.au via OneGreenPlanet.org)



Edgar's Mission 2

(Image EdgarsMission.org.au via OneGreenPlanet.org)

If I was in a nursing home I’d love this.  Heck, I’d love it right now! and I’m not in a nursing home.  And isn’t this a great idea?  Think of all the animals that could be rescued and live a great life going to nursing homes, getting showered with attention, and bringing joy and a bit of levity to the residents.

Hey, maybe we could cut a million or two out of the military budget and do that!  Make joy not war.

More photos and info here.


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