The Stand-Off Between the Senate and the CIA Is a Very, Very Big Deal

March 13, 2014 at 11:16 AM Leave a comment

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I don’t usually jump up and down about things but it’s becoming clear to me that the stand-off between the CIA and the Senate is a very big deal.  Here’s an article by Ryan Cooper over at TheWeek explaining it and explaining what’s at stake, as in the whole way in which this country operates.

I’m old enough to remember when Russia was known as the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (the USSR).  It was a dark place run by our version of the CIA, the KGB.  That’s where we’re headed folks.  Does the Senate oversee the CIA, or vice versa?  In other words, is the CIA going to run the place from now on?

It’s Time for Obama to Take a Side in the Battle Between the CIA and the Senate

Since Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California gave an explosive speech this week charging the CIA with spying on and intimidating members of the Senate Intelligence Committee, the U.S. government has been embroiled in nothing less than a full-blown constitutional crisis.


Coming as this does from a senator who has long protected the agency, such an accusation is staggering. It lays bare just how big a threat the surveillance state has grown to our democratic foundations.


Feinstein is a Very Serious Person in good standing, and an accusation from her carries a hundred times more weight in official Washington than one from, say, Bernie Sanders. And this controversy cuts right through the comfortable hypocrisies that typically muffle discussions of executive branch abuse, since this time a portion of Washington itself is the victim.


Second-term presidents are supposed to be concerned with their legacy. Does Obama want to go down as the president who threw the Senate over the side in favor of a bunch of lawless, torturing war criminals — those who perpetrated the kind of abuses he condemned when he first ran for office? If he wants to avoid that, he can start by demanding the torture report be declassified. Now.

I can’t cut and paste this in a way that does it justice.  Here’s the whole thing.  It’s worth your time (it isn’t all that long).



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