Let’s “Invade the Sun and Take Its Oil!”

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Bill Maher has some good insight on how maddeningly inept Democrats are at selling ideas (and how good Republicans are at it):

Bill Maher had a lesson in language and wordsmith that should be heeded. The reality is those that have been trying to provide Americans with fact based information in the aggregate have failed. Why is that the case? It is because of the deceptive use of language. The essence of communicating  one’s thought is the effective use of language.

For example:

For decades now liberals pushed the issue of assisted suicide and it got nowhere. Then they started to call it aid in dying and its approval shot up 20 points and it is now legal in five states. … That’s the power of language.

That success and the success the Democrats had rebranding gay marriage as marriage equality means they’ve finally caught on to what Republicans learned a long time ago from their guru on words, … Frank Luntz. Frank is the genius Right Wing wordsmith who taught Republicans instead of saying ‘estate tax’, say ‘death tax’. Instead of saying poor people, say the takers.

Being a Republican means starting with a bedrock principle like rich people shouldn’t pay taxes. … Did I say don’t tax rich people? I meant encourage the job creators. Did I say don’t let Black people vote? I meant clamp down on voter fraud.

Perhaps you noticed how everyone on the Right universally decided at the exact same moment that Obama’s ‘weakness’ is what ‘emboldened Putin to take Crimea. At that’s not a matter of great minds thinking alike because for that you would need great minds. …

That’s because once the word is decided on, every single Republican from the presidential contenders on down to the feces throwers on hate radio … all chant it like rain man over and over until it is beaten into our skull.


B R A V O!  My God Democrats.  Listen to this guy!!!


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