Regular Guy Zillionaire Mitt Romney (Supposedly) Stands in Line to Mail His 2013 Tax Return

April 15, 2014 at 5:45 PM 1 comment

Mitt Romney’s son Josh tweeted out a pic of his dad supposedly standing in line to mail/pay his taxes today.

Give me a break.  Takeaway here: We Romneys are so arrogant we think the American people are idiots who will believe Mitt did this and they won’t think this is staged. I mean, maybe the Mittster did stand in line to mail his tax return (or pay his taxes — there’s a difference) but don’t tell me (1) he filled the form out himself (think an army of tax preparers) or that (2) his return isn’t hiding millions of dollars in overseas bank accounts or (3) he isn’t taking advantage of loopholes we haven’t even heard of.

Romney filing tax return via


Oh, and why in the world does Josh think anyone cares about what his father’s doing today?  I swear, the Romneys have generational problems with relationship with their fathers.  Mitt is still — apparently — trying to win the presidency his father failed to get and now Josh is (delusionally, imho) thinking we care about his dad…or something.


A screwed up family laid bare.




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  • 1. coconutspeak  |  April 15, 2014 at 8:03 PM

    Utterly pathetic. Anyone making over 7 figures has tax attorney and/or CPA to take care this stuff! Even if its true, who gives a damn!

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