The Koch Brothers Ban Mass Transit in Tennessee

April 17, 2014 at 8:48 PM Leave a comment

I wonder why the Koch boys brothers — the richest human beings ever on the face of the Earth — are so full of hate instead of being grateful for their extraordinary luck in life:

This Affordable, Efficient Mass Transit Technology Is Now Illegal in Tennessee

Nashville was poised to become the proud owner of a new BRT line, called Amp. The concept has proved an overwhelming success in a number of cities abroad—Curitaba, Brazil, is maybe the most famous, but there are prominent lines in Argentina and South Korea, as well as right here in the states, in Kansas City and New York.

The mayor of Nashville had secured plans to create a $175 million BRT system to increase citizen mobility and help thwart congestion as the city’s population swelled. That might sound like a lot, but for a transit project in a major city, it’s a bargain, especially since BRT has repeatedly shown it stimulates economies and reduces pollution.

But even this relatively elegant city hack attracted the ire of powerful interests that find public transit distasteful. Spurred on by the Koch brothers’ influential political organization, Americans for Prosperity, Tennessee’s state legislature has just succeeded in passing an extraordinary new law that actually bans BRT.







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