What is a Temporary Worker?

June 13, 2014 at 7:01 PM Leave a comment

This post at ProPublica struck me like a bolt of lightening:  Temp Worker Regulations Around the World.

The thing that hit me straight up the side of my head was the notion that many countries have defined what “temporary worker” means.  Ah, yeah.  That should be defined.  What’s “temporary?”

To some countries it means someone who works a year, to some it means three or five.  Yet the United States is mum on that, meaning that businesses everywhere define workers as “temporary” on infinitum and thus screw them out of raises and benefits.

This is happening, of course, because corporations own the U.S. government but seriously, what a simple concept.  What is “temporary?”  To fail to define that means “temporary” is permanent.

Here’s more.  The higher the bar, the better the protections.  The U.S. is the blue bar, third from left.

ProPublica re worker protections

(Image via ProPublica on Twittier)

Larger version here.

The United States has some of the weakest labor protections for temp workers in the developed world. Other countries have adopted regulations limiting the length of temp assignments, guaranteeing equal pay for equal work and restricting companies from hiring temps for hazardous tasks. Here, we map out how countries compare based on data compiled by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, which produces research on behalf of the world’s industrialized nations.


I wish it were that Washington worked for We the People instead of the corporatocracy.


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