“Democrats” in Democratically-Controlled Rhode Island Move to Quash $15 Wage Increase for Hotel Workers

June 16, 2014 at 11:42 AM Leave a comment

Ah yes,the power of money:

Democrats donkey

Following Seattle and other cities, Rhode Island’s Providence City Council voted unanimously Thursday to place a $15 minimum wage referendum on the ballot. The measure applies only to large hotels, and polling suggests that it would pass at the ballot box with votes to spare. Just one problem: The state’s Democratic leadership is poised to prevent that vote from ever happening.

“I’m really surprised,” said Providence City Councilmember Carmen Castillo, to see “Democrats attack the minimum wage.” Castillo is an Omni hotel housekeeper and an activist with the hospitality union UNITE HERE Local 217, the group that pushed the council to advance the referendum. (Full disclosure: I worked for UNITE HERE in California and Pennsylvania from 2006 to 2011.) Just hours after Castillo and her colleagues voted to do so, the Rhode Island House quashed their effort by passing a budget that would ban cities from going beyond the state minimum wage. That budget is expected to pass in the State Senate and to be signed by Republican-turned-Independent-turned-Democrat Governor Lincoln Chafee.


This kind of thing makes me feel two ways:  (1) Like I want to drop out and tune out, and (2) Furious such that I want to get involved and help get rid of every single “Democrat” like this there is.


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