Outfoxed: Ten Years Later

July 10, 2014 at 11:54 AM Leave a comment

One of the things I’m proudest of in all my life is the association with, and work I did on the documentary, Outfoxed:  Rupert Murdoch’s War on Journalism.

July 9 marks the ten-year anniversary of the release of that film.  It premiered at the New School in New York City…the one and only movie premiere I’ve ever been to.  I hadn’t seen any part of the film prior to the premiere so I and the other researchers were pretty darn excited.  At the end I broke down in tears.

Here is a retrospective video the film’s producer, Robert Greenwald of BraveNewFilms, posted on YouTube yesterday.  In it, he thanks us researchers (a/k/a “Newshounds,” a name we adopted after we started blogging at Newshounds.us after the film debuted).  He also included a photo of each of us (I wish I could have sent an updated one as I’ve lost 60 pounds since then) and that’s my voice on the phone saying I feel for the people who watch Fox all the time.

Sadly, three of the eight Newshounds have since died:  Deborah Yesner, Nancy Anton and Eleanor White.

So, so proud to have helped expose Fox “News” for the biased, conservative propaganda outlet it is to this day.  Why the FCC lets it use the word news in its title still ticks me off no end.

Check it out:


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