Wondering What the Chances Are That Any of These Fish Survived

July 13, 2014 at 6:56 PM Leave a comment

This is the lazy person’s way of ripping off taxpayers by charging to supposedly restock a lake.  I mean, what are the chances that any of these fish survived?  Look at the height the plane was flying when it shot those poor things out of the hold, er ah, “set [them] free.”

A Utah fish hatchery has come up with a novel way to restock remote lakes that’s giving a new meaning to the term “fly fishing.”

The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources has taken to flying several planes over hard to reach areas dropping native fish out of a compartment at the bottom of an aircraft.

Hundreds, sometimes up to 1,000 3-inch fingerlings are set free.

The fish are fed by a man named Ted Hallows, who supervises them until they’re ready to be released into the wild.

“We’re in charge of coordinating the aireal stock statewide,” Hallows said.

They don’t always make it into the water alive. A small percentage of them die.

“They kind of flutter down, so they don’t impact very hard, they flutter with the water and they do really well,” Hallows said.

Overall, fisherman and experts are happy to hear someone is keeping the state’s lakes stocked.


The person who wrote that article is so compliant.  No questions about whether dropping fish from 1,000 feet above a lake is viable.  The government says, the government says, the government says…and I report.





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