How About Flying Paris to New York Sitting on a Bicycle Seat?

July 15, 2014 at 5:40 PM Leave a comment

A few years ago I saw a cartoon showing what was billed as the future of air travel with people — depicted as cattle — sitting in a crowded airplane practically on top of each other.  The implication was that the airline industry would continue to find ways to wring the most profit out of We the Peons as possible, never minding our discomfort or the absurdness of it all.

Welcome to the future. It’s even worse than that cartoon:

Airbus bicycle seats

Airbus Operations, the aircraft manufacturer, has requested a patent for a bicycle-like seat to squeeze in more passengers per plane. (Airbus Operations via

Airbus Seeks Patent for Bicycle-Like Airline Seat

How far will the airline industry go to squeeze in more passengers per plane?

The question arises after France-based Airbus Operations submitted a patent in Europe for a new passenger seat that resembles a bicycle seat with a small backrest. It has no tray table, no headrest and very little legroom.

As explained in the patent application, the invention is meant to reduce the bulk of a typical airline seat, thus allowing an airline to pack more passengers onto a plane and, presumably, increase profits.

“In effect, to increase the number of cabin seats, the space allotted to each passenger must be reduced,” the patent application states.

Each of the bicycle seats is fastened to a vertical bar, and the seats retract to increase space when not in use.


What I wonder is, what’s our breaking point when it comes to being kicked around and treated like cattle by the corporatocracy?



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