Is Nissan Trying to Steal My Money?

July 23, 2014 at 7:12 PM 1 comment

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The facts:

On April 6, 2013 I purchased a brand new 2013 Nissan Sentra from Boulder Nissan.

The purchase price included a $2,287.00 “Security+Plus Vehicle Service Contract.”

I was prepared to pay cash but the dealer told me that if I I financed roughly $10,000 of the purchase price, he would knock off $1,000. So I did, knowing I would pay that off right away.

On May 4, 2013 I wrote a check to the Nissan Motor Acceptance corp. for $9,799.34.

Nissan deposited that check into their JPMOrgan Chase Account on May 6, 2013.

On July 12, 2013 I received a letter from Nissan signed by “Chantel Burns:”

This is to certify, under penalty of perjury in the second degree that the lien in favor of Nissan Motor Acceptance Corp has been fully satisfied for the following vehicle.

The VIN, make, year and registered owners matched me and my car.

The letter said the payoff date was May 8, 2013.

That letter included the original title.

On April 29, 2014 I traded the Nissan in to Fisher Honda in Boulder, Colorado and I signed the title over to Fisher Honda.

Immediately after purchasing a Honda, I began working on cancelling the “Security+Plus Vehicle Service Contract” on the Nissan I traded in which covered a period of 36 months or 45,000 miles.  I’d owned the Nissan for approximately one year and when I traded it in it had just over 2,911 miles on it. As of this writing, it’s still listed for sale on Fisher Honda’s website.

On May 7, 2014 I dropped off a Dealer Cancellation Request to Jason Bradley at Boulder Nissan.  He was very nice and said he would fax the Request to wherever it needed to go at Nissan.

On May 8, 2014 Jason left a message on my phone saying he’d done that.

On June 4, 2014 I received a letter from Nissan North America, Inc. in Franklin, TN telling me that they’d received my “request” to cancel my Security+Plus Preferred Service Agreement and that the cancellation “has been processed for the prorated refund amount of $1,917.00,” and that the “refund has been forwarded to the following” lienholder.

Don’t forget.  In May, 2013 I paid off the lien holder and in July, 2013 Nissan sent me a letter saying the lien had been fully satisfied (see above).

The June 4, 2014 letter also said, “Please allow 3-4 weeks for the lien holder to process the check and credit your account.”

While I knew there was no lien holder I decided to wait the freakin’ 3-4 weeks which would have meant the refund check should have been credited to my account (whatever that means) at the latest by July 2.

When the week of roughly July 13 rolled around and I still hadn’t heard anything about my nearly $2,000 refund, I sent out some tweets to @NissanSupport on Twitter.

On July 16, Nissan’s Anna Arquion contacted me and she — get this — asked me to send copies of the letters (mentioned above) from Nissan to me, which I did.  But I mean, really?  Nissan doesn’t have copies of its own letters?

She said she’d get on it but seven days on, I haven’t heard a thing.

Meanwhile, I contacted my local Nissan dealer — Boulder Nissan — and a really nice guy there named Ted said he’d see what he could do.  Early last week he said, after someone there supposedly spent “two hours” on the phone, that Nissan would send the refund to them (the dealer) and the dealer would then refund the money to me.

Yesterday I talked to Ted and he said the new info is that Nissan is going to send a check directly to me.  I asked if he thought that would happen in the next ten days or so and he didn’t sound all that optimistic.

On July 15 I sent a certified letter to Nissan’s headquarters in Tennessee asking what the hell is going on. I got the return receipt yesterday.

I haven’t heard a thing.

Per Nissan’s June 4 letter, this refund — wrongly sent to a lien holder who doesn’t exist — was supposed to take three to four weeks.  As of today it is seven weeks and I haven’t heard anything from Nissan I can count on.

Does Nissan expect me to give up and let them have $1,917.00 that’s due me?

I’m beginning to think so.



Entry filed under: Corporatocracy.

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  • 1. Tim Truett  |  July 29, 2014 at 3:12 PM

    Any good news yet?

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