Obama: Stand the Fuck Up For Your Vacation

August 17, 2014 at 7:57 PM Leave a comment

(Obama in Denver, Aug. 2008 - Image via Wikimedia.org.)

(Obama in Denver, August 2008. Via Wikimedia.org)

For crying out loud:

President Obama Heads Back to D.C., Takes Brief Break From “Vacation From Hell”


I wish Obama would hold a three minute press conference and say this:  Enough of the flying-back-to-D.C.-to-satisfy-the-likes-of-Fox-News-whose-audience-is-68-years-old-and-they-still-don’t-get-the-Internet:


As most of us know, it’s possible in this day and age to communicate instantly via Twitter, email, Instagram and other services and to know instantly what’s happening around the world. It’s also possible to hold face-to-face video conferences via the likes of Skype.

As the President of the United States, I have communication technology at my disposal none of you have dreamed of.

I will not return to Washington, D.C. while I’m on vacation. I will not stop playing golf.  I have taken far fewer vacation days that most presidents.  I need some time off.  I’m playing golf but I’m also on top of what’s happening around the world via the technologies I mentioned above. There is no need for me to “head back to D.C.” in order to be in touch with the people I need to be in touch with.

Good night [Oh, and fuck you Fox News and wingnuts everywhere.  Don’t you idiots get the new way we communicate these days?].

Thank you.

Geezus. Enough of this having to literally fly back to D.C. to give the impression you know what’s going on and you’re in charge. It’s. Time To  End. That.  Myth.

Do.  It.  Obama.



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